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Moving Image Piece

Moving Image Piece

You will find the moving image piece on the classroom as requested by our lecturer


Sequence and story board of moving image piece

Sequence of moving image piece

Before creating my promotional video I came up with a plan on the sequence I might edit my film, so that when editing my film I have something to reference and look back on to help create an professional promotional fashion photography video of myself.

  • Opening page -Stating my name and that I’m a fashion photographer 
  • Maybe show some images of myself holding a camera etc. 
  • Writing saying On location work
  • Show filming of me on location shoots
  • Show images I have taken form on location shoots 
  • Writing that says Studio work 
  • Show filming of me in the studio 
  • Show images I have taken from studio shoots
  • Ending page 
  • Make sure there is music that goes with the theme of my film throughout the video

Here is a storyboard of my promotional video idea (excuse the bad drawings)

Scan 4.jpeg

Overall Evaluation of Part 2 of Professional Practice 

Overall Evaluation of Part 2 of Professional Practice 

For the assignments that make up part 2 of professional practice we were asked to complete five assignments a student conference where the whole class were involved in the planning, organising and hosting an event, to complete an image portfolio of 15 to 20 images that showcase our work to its best potential, complete a portfolio review organised by our lecturers, create a moving image that promotes us as photographer,  complete the part 2 of the professional development plan and finally to finish off this assignment to complete a reflection and evaluation of the whole project. Overall this project has taught me a considerable amount about myself as a photographer and my images as well as providing the opportunity to learn new techniques and skills to help further my knowledge and understanding ready for my final year.  

At the beginning of this assignment I focused on the planning, organising and hosting of a real event called Student Conference as I wanted to make sure I was fully involved to ensure this conference was a success. I was one of the people who put in a lot of effort in to ensure that we hosted a successful day and I was disappointed that not everyone was as committed. Although not everyone was engaged and involved with the planning of the event the people who did work hard at planning gained an incredible amount from the experience and the overall day seemed to do very smoothly. I think that during the planning through there where a couple of disagreements on the best way to plan the event, what the event should be and how some people where not helping, everyone did communicate and collaborate well to create a very productive day that people seemed to enjoy and learn more about the industry of photography and how they might progress after university. During the organization of the conference I definitely developed my skills of communicating, organising, planning and working as part of a very large team, all of these are essential skills for the future.

After finishing the student conference, I then moved on to creating a portfolio of 15 to 20 images that shows off my best work and showcases the type of photographer I want to be. I found creating this portfolio very difficult as I get very attached to images and could not decide which of my images I should use in my portfolio and the ones that do not showcase the range of my work to its best. I was proud of my final portfolio and I think that the images chosen, represent the area of photography I want to work in e.g. fashion photography. When reflecting on my portfolio I feel that there are other images that would work in my portfolio that I did not consider before putting my portfolio together due to time constraints. The way in which I put my portfolio together was by printing out all the images I could find that I like of this year on small photo paper and then with the help of my class and lecturer Jane I began to put together a portfolio that I think is amazing over a two-week period. I really appreciated the help of my lecturer and class mates in helping me narrow down my image choices for my portfolio as I don’t think it would have been as good without this support, encouragement and feedback as I am very indecisive on the images I could put in and the order I should present my portfolio in. 

After the portfolio was put together we then had the portfolio review where I talked to two of the guests Edwin Ho and Barnaby Girling I found that talking to two very different people in the photographic industry helped me understand how I need to progress in my image taking to be able to be a fulltime fashion photographer in the industry. I found the meeting with Edwin Ho in particular incredibly useful and interesting as he is in the fashion industry, so he was able to give me advice on the industry and how to further improve my images. Overall the portfolio review was a very useful event and I look forward to having more portfolio reviews with people in the industry in the future. 

For the assignment I also had to make a moving image piece that promoted myself as a photographer, looking back at how  this part of the assignment went though I know I found this very challenging as I rarely use film as a media and my final piece I am slightly disappointed I did try my best and learnt a lot about filming and editing moving images and hope that the techniques I have learnt I can use during the summer and in my third year to improve my filming skills and my knowledge and expertise in this area further. 

Alongside the other 3 parts I had to write part two of the PDP. I found all this information very useful as not only did I learn a lot about myself and the industry I began to really think about my goals and where I want to be in photography and in, 1 year, 3 years and five years. By the lectures getting me to do this it pushes me to start considering my future and research the industry I plan to go into so that when I leave university I am not confused about how to move forward.

To finish this project and looking at everything I have achieved for the end of this project I have really enjoyed the experiences and have learnt new techniques and skills that I will be able to take in my final year as well as when I leave university. I think that my favourite part of this assignment had to be the portfolio review as I believe I got the most out of the day and enjoyed talking to the guests to understand more about the industry and well as what they think of my work. 

Moving Image Piece write up

Moving Image Piece write up

For the final creative part of this project we had to create a Moving image piece that is around 2 minutes long that is using the appropriate software that would help to further show case our work this software could be Premier Pro. This is an experimental part of our project that is showing that we are starting to understand how to use a variety of different software and filming. This Moving image piece can take various forms such as:

  • A self-promoting talking head interview 
  • A behind the scenes look at your production 
  • A promotional piece that advertises your photography
  • A Moving image project shot for a client 

For my moving image I have decided to do a promotional piece that advertises my photography. When first starting to create and think of ideas for this video I had little idea on how I would film, produce and style this film, but after talking to people in my class, friends and our film lecturer I started to get more of a solid idea of the type of promotional film of myself I could achieve. I know that this part of the assignment I will find very difficult as filming and using Premier Pro are not my strong points and are aspect I am not particularly excited by or interested in, however I will give it my best try and experiment fully with filming and editing throughout this project as I can see how this would be a useful way to promote my work in the future. 

When creating my film, I had a plan on the types of videos I wanted to create and the direction I wanted my film to go in. I decided not to talk throughout my film and just show filming and images throughout with some type appearing on the film. Here is the plan and how I wanted my film to look:

  • Opening page -Stating my name and that I’m a fashion photographer 
  • Maybe show some images of myself holding a camera etc. 
  • Writing saying On location work
  • Show filming of me on location 
  • Show images I have taken form on location shoots 
  • Writing that says Studio work 
  • Show filming of me in the studio 
  • Show images I have taken from studio shoots
  • Ending page 
  • Make sure there is music that goes with the theme of my film throughout the video

Looking at the film I have taken for this assignment I know it is not the best filming I have done but I really struggle filming the moving images for this project and working out the style and the best way to film myself throughout. But as this is the first time I have really experimented by doing film other than in my first year I am pleased with the moving images I have managed to produce and feel that I have learnt new skills from the experiences of this module and next time I am asked to do a filming piece my filming and skills will have improved. 

After I had completed all the filming I then moved on to the editing of the film by moving all the original footage to Premier Pro. When first starting to edit this work, I was not looking forward to it as though we have had lessons from our film lecturer and I do have some experience in editing from last year I am still very much a beginner and don’t have much experiences on the best ways to use the software, so this was a completely new concept and techniques that I was trying to use. However, after a lot of practice and experimenting with different techniques that can be found on Premier Pro as I moved forward in editing my work I think my skills became and lot better and more refined. I think that what helped me get through the editing of my filming was a lot of research and looking at YouTube videos on how to use Premier Pro as with each video I watched I began to understand and get more adventurous with me ideas and how to best to edit my work to create intrigue and to show off myself as a fashion photographer in the best light. 

If I was to do this film again I think I would spend more time planning, executing and editing my film. I think that if I had ensured I had sufficient time for example, more than a week and a half on the actual filming and more than 4 days on the editing of the film it might look better and the filming would be more professional than it is. However, I can only learn from trying new things, developing new skills making mistakes along the way and moving forward and progressing and take what I have learnt from finding this project daunting and difficult and bring it into filming I might try and experiment with during the summer and when in my final year at university.  

Overall though there are parts I am not as pleased with and am disappointed with within this film such as filming skills and editing. However, I am proud that I have persevered, shown resilience and I have experimented with new techniques and skills and tried my hardest to make a film that shows off myself as a professional fashion photographer. 

You will find my moving image piece on the classroom. 

List Of fashion photography promotional videos

List Of fashion photograhy promotional videos

When first starting to look into how to create my promotion video highlighting me as a fashion photographer. I typed into YouTube promotional fashion photography films. Here are some videos I am going to use as a reference when creating my film. Due to there not being many fashion photography promotional videos I had to look at fashion promos and well as photography ones.

PDP Part 2

PDP Part 2

Here is part 2 of my PDP you will also find this document on the classroom as requested by our lecturer

Click Link to see PDP part 2:

Copy of PDP2-template

Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review

For this part of our module on professional practice we were asked to produce a portfolio of 15 to 20 images that show off our photographic work. This series of images will then be presented at the portfolio day on the 10th of May. This portfolio will be a series of images that show off our style of work to its best potential that we can then show to clients and other photographers if they ask. For this event we will have the opportunity to talk to two to three people in the photographic industry. On the day our images will be critically analysed and reviewed to give us a perspective on what we need to improve on and the area they think will best suit us due to our work. 

The people from the photographic industry who will be joining us on the day are:

  • Jamie Caruthers 
  • Jenny Bishop 
  • Jimmy Watkins 
  • Edwin Ho 
  • Ray Massey 
  • Dom Moore 
  • James Edgar 
  • Sally Bell 
  • Barnaby Girling 

The people who will be joining us for the day was all organised thanks to our lecturer Jane. The way in which it was organised was that there were a variety of different people from the photographic industry, such as photographers and people from Agencies. This means that we would have a variety of different people to choose to talk to about our work and that everyone in our cohort will have someone they will be interested to talk to and matches their interests. 

On the day of the portfolio review my class all arrived at 9 so that we could help Jane organise everything ready for the event such as moving the tables, making coffee/tea and putting out food. Before the day of the event there was a problem with the print lab which meant that no one could print any of their portfolio images off, this panicked me and others in my class as not many people had printed off their images yet and it was advised by Jane for us not to do a digital portfolio. But due to the print lab being broken I decided to make a digital portfolio just in case on the day I could not print off my images. On the day the print lab was still broken so I went to Staples to get my images printed off. This meant that the images I have printed off aren’t as good as they would have been from the print lab, However the guest I talked to about my work seemed to appreciate a printed portfolio. During the day I talked to two of our guests, my first review was with Edwin Ho who is a beauty photographer and has been in the photographic industry, he is someone who I have want to get introduced to for many years. I found this review very interesting and helpful and he really gave me an insight in what the fashion industry would be like for me, he did not sugar coat it and I appreciated that. When he was looking through my work he seemed to really like my images and was able to give me advise on what I could do next and how I could improve certain images. At the end of the review he gave me his business card and said I could contact him with any questions I have as well as assisting opportunities, which I was very grateful for. The second person I saw was Barnaby Girling though he is not a photographer and works at an agency who mostly do advertising photography, I think it was interesting to get another person opinion on my work. Though I did not spend as much time talking to Girling as he was very jet-lagged, and it was not as helpful as talking to Ho I did enjoy the review as he gave me a different view on my work and advised me further on things I could improve on within my work. After everyone had finished their portfolio reviews we then had a presentation from Ray Massesy who is well-known for his liquid advertising photography. Though again this is not really the aspect of the industry I am interested in It was interesting to hear about his work and is views on how to make it in the photographic industry. Once the presentation was over the day was over and my class and I all left for the day. 

Looking back at the day I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot about the fashion photography industry along with my work and myself as a photographer. I think that if I did this experience again I would try and talk to some more people within the industry as well as fashion photographers so that I would get even more advice on my work to see if there is a trend in the advice given to me by people from the industry so that I can follow that advice and progress myself as a fashion photographer. I think that after this event I will also ask a lot more people to look through my portfolio whether this is visiting lecturers or people I ask myself. I will also not be afraid and more confident to contact people who give me their business cards to explore possible assisting opportunities.

To conclude during this experience, I am pleased with the positive responses to my portfolio and the feedback from the two guests I talked to and look forward to contacting Edwin Ho about opportunities he might be able to give me to expand on my knowledge of the fashion industry. 

Portfolio Images

Portfolio Images

As part of professional Practice we had to pick 15 to 20 images form our favourite images we have taken that shows off the subject with in photography we are interested in and shows off our work in the best light.

Here is my portfolio of 17 images in order I will display them in my portfolio book on portfolio review day:


Student Conference

Student Conference

For part of our project on professional practice we as a class were asked to work together to organise an event that was led by us the students. This could be anything that we the students thought would be interesting and insightful about our course as commercial photographers. All the courses in year 2 had to take part and create their own event as it was a new experimental brief given to the year two, so that we had a chance to work together as a class to plan and organise an event. The date of the student conference was set for the 13th of February. 

When we were first given the brief of student conference we were all confused about what this would entail and what we would do for our event. After we had a session from the main lecturer Steven Felningham who came up with the brief, to enable us to come up with inspiration for our own event that involved the whole class, we were all still confused in what the brief entailed and what was needed. However, once the majority of the class had sat down and brainstormed ideas about what we need to do for this day and what each of our roles would be, we slowly but surely over a couple of weeks began to create ideas and eventually some consensus. Some ideas we came up with were a workshop, portfolio review and exhibition. Yet after a lot of discussion and disagreements between people on what we should do for our day we decided to do an event centred on the work of a series of ex commercial photography students. The plan was that each of the ex-students would take it in turns and give us a presentation about their work and their experience in the photographic industry since leaving university. After all the talks we then planned to have an open panel consisting of the ex-students so that any of us could ask them question about their experiences etc. After this we would have an exhibition of our own work so that the ex-students could give us feedback on our work and maybe give us advise on how we could progress as a photographer. 

Once we all agreed on the event we then began to delegate roles my job during this experience was to email and contact a number of ex-students asking if they would be prepared to come and talk to us and to fit this into their schedule. The potential list of ex-students who might be interested in such a conference was helped to be created by one of our lectures Jane. Once this list of potential ex- students had been finalised I began to compose a generic email that I could send to the first lot of ex-students we would ask to gauge their response, however parts of this email would be changed depending on the person to personalise our approach. The email I wrote to the photographers was:


My name is Laura, I am a second year Commercial Photography student at Plymouth College of Art. As part of our Professional Practice module, we are organising a student conference which will consist of a day’s activities focused around the photographic industry. Our cohort has decided that for our event we would like to ask graduated students, from the Commercial Photography Programme to come and discuss their experiences and careers since their graduation.

We were wondering if you would be interested in sharing your time and experiences with us. The date set is Tuesday 13th February so hope you can make it.

I really hope this sounds interesting to you; we would greatly value your insight and experience and we look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,


After sending this email to a variety of ex-students I slowly got a lot of replies saying they would not be able to make the event due to prior arrangements, this started to panic me as if we could not find anyone to be part of our event we might had to change our idea, but after talking to Jane again and coming up with more people to ask we began to get replies saying yes! This really excited me as slowly but surely the event was coming together with the help of most of the students who were doing their parts. Once we had the list of people who would be coming to the event and we had an idea of the plan and layout of the event I then sent another email to the ex-students saying:

Hi …..,

I thought I would just email to make sure you are still coming to the student conference on 13th February. We are all really looking forward to seeing you and to hear more about your work and experiences in the industry since leaving Plymouth College of Art. The itinerary for the day is as follows:

09:55 – Introduction to the day

10:00 – Codie Hobbs

10:15 – Dom Moore

10:30 – Louise Visson Jutson

10:45 – Tony Fitzsimmons

11:00 – Break

11:30 – Irina Iljina

11:45 – Jess Bright

12:00 – Andy Ford

12:15 – Lunch

13:30 – Panel

15:00 – Open to Public

On the day we are also hoping to be able to do some talking head interviews with you. If you are happy to do so, we will make the arrangements. Again, we really appreciate you coming and talking to us and hopefully it will be a lot of fun.

We will be meeting in the reception of Plymouth College of Art at 9:30 to then escort you over to the venue (The Roundabout).

Many thanks in advance and look forward to seeing you on the day.


After getting a reply from everyone saying they were still happy to be a part of the event we had the final list of people coming these were:

  • Codie Hobbs
  • Dom Moore
  • Louise Visson Jutson
  • Tony Fitzsimmons
  • Irina Iljina
  • Jess Bright
  • Andy Ford

Each of these former students have had different experience since leaving university and have gone on to be a commercial photographer within different subjects such as Andy Ford is a music photographer and Codie Hobbs a fashion photographer. This meant that hopefully during the event all of my class mates would be happy with the people who came to talk to us and could relate to one of the ex-students. 

On the actual day all of my class met at around 9 in the commercial base room to make sure everything was ready some people were moving our images from our class room to the venue where we were holding our conference in whilst others were waiting for our guests to arrive. Once all the guest had arrived Martha and I took the guests over to the venue and the day began. The day seemed to run very smoothly and followed our timetable perfectly which meant that everyone was less stressed and could focus on having a fun and interesting time and learning from this experience. After all the talks and the open panel which a bit was lacking in questions (perhaps some questions could have been planned in advance to ask our guests and promote discussion) we moved on to our exhibition. First, we showed the ex-students all of our work and had some time to talk to our guest it was then time from them to leave and for the exhibition to be opened to the public. Sadly no one turned up for the exhibition other than our cohort, so the day ended earlier than expected. Yet at the end of the experience I have learnt a lot about planning a big event like this and that communicating and working as a team is key to making an interactive, fun and interesting day. 

If I was to do this event again I would make sure that everyone in the class took part in the planning and execution of the event instead of it just being left to a few people in the class, as I think if everyone put a lot of effort in to the event as others did we could have made the event even better. I also think that though we did advertise the exhibition with a posters around our college and information on Facebook and Instagram I think that if we put this information up earlier and made this publicity available to a wider audience, so our event was more widely publicized even more k, people other than our class might have turned up to the exhibition. Saying this though there where ups and downs during the planning and disappointment that not everyone committed to the event etc. I am proud of the event we achieved and really enjoyed working as a group to create something we would not always get the opportunity to do. 

To conclude during the exercise and organisation of the project of a student conference I learnt a lot about team work and how to plan a big event like this and believe this was a vital experience to have during our second year to help us not only gain more knowledge about the industry and the reality of working in such large teams, but It also help us become clearer about the subject within photography we want to go into and also brought us closer as a class and cohort 

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