Sequence of moving image piece

Before creating my promotional video I came up with a plan on the sequence I might edit my film, so that when editing my film I have something to reference and look back on to help create an professional promotional fashion photography video of myself.

  • Opening page -Stating my name and that I’m a fashion photographer 
  • Maybe show some images of myself holding a camera etc. 
  • Writing saying On location work
  • Show filming of me on location shoots
  • Show images I have taken form on location shoots 
  • Writing that says Studio work 
  • Show filming of me in the studio 
  • Show images I have taken from studio shoots
  • Ending page 
  • Make sure there is music that goes with the theme of my film throughout the video

Here is a storyboard of my promotional video idea (excuse the bad drawings)

Scan 4.jpeg