Portfolio Review

For this part of our module on professional practice we were asked to produce a portfolio of 15 to 20 images that show off our photographic work. This series of images will then be presented at the portfolio day on the 10th of May. This portfolio will be a series of images that show off our style of work to its best potential that we can then show to clients and other photographers if they ask. For this event we will have the opportunity to talk to two to three people in the photographic industry. On the day our images will be critically analysed and reviewed to give us a perspective on what we need to improve on and the area they think will best suit us due to our work. 

The people from the photographic industry who will be joining us on the day are:

  • Jamie Caruthers 
  • Jenny Bishop 
  • Jimmy Watkins 
  • Edwin Ho 
  • Ray Massey 
  • Dom Moore 
  • James Edgar 
  • Sally Bell 
  • Barnaby Girling 

The people who will be joining us for the day was all organised thanks to our lecturer Jane. The way in which it was organised was that there were a variety of different people from the photographic industry, such as photographers and people from Agencies. This means that we would have a variety of different people to choose to talk to about our work and that everyone in our cohort will have someone they will be interested to talk to and matches their interests. 

On the day of the portfolio review my class all arrived at 9 so that we could help Jane organise everything ready for the event such as moving the tables, making coffee/tea and putting out food. Before the day of the event there was a problem with the print lab which meant that no one could print any of their portfolio images off, this panicked me and others in my class as not many people had printed off their images yet and it was advised by Jane for us not to do a digital portfolio. But due to the print lab being broken I decided to make a digital portfolio just in case on the day I could not print off my images. On the day the print lab was still broken so I went to Staples to get my images printed off. This meant that the images I have printed off aren’t as good as they would have been from the print lab, However the guest I talked to about my work seemed to appreciate a printed portfolio. During the day I talked to two of our guests, my first review was with Edwin Ho who is a beauty photographer and has been in the photographic industry, he is someone who I have want to get introduced to for many years. I found this review very interesting and helpful and he really gave me an insight in what the fashion industry would be like for me, he did not sugar coat it and I appreciated that. When he was looking through my work he seemed to really like my images and was able to give me advise on what I could do next and how I could improve certain images. At the end of the review he gave me his business card and said I could contact him with any questions I have as well as assisting opportunities, which I was very grateful for. The second person I saw was Barnaby Girling though he is not a photographer and works at an agency who mostly do advertising photography, I think it was interesting to get another person opinion on my work. Though I did not spend as much time talking to Girling as he was very jet-lagged, and it was not as helpful as talking to Ho I did enjoy the review as he gave me a different view on my work and advised me further on things I could improve on within my work. After everyone had finished their portfolio reviews we then had a presentation from Ray Massesy who is well-known for his liquid advertising photography. Though again this is not really the aspect of the industry I am interested in It was interesting to hear about his work and is views on how to make it in the photographic industry. Once the presentation was over the day was over and my class and I all left for the day. 

Looking back at the day I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot about the fashion photography industry along with my work and myself as a photographer. I think that if I did this experience again I would try and talk to some more people within the industry as well as fashion photographers so that I would get even more advice on my work to see if there is a trend in the advice given to me by people from the industry so that I can follow that advice and progress myself as a fashion photographer. I think that after this event I will also ask a lot more people to look through my portfolio whether this is visiting lecturers or people I ask myself. I will also not be afraid and more confident to contact people who give me their business cards to explore possible assisting opportunities.

To conclude during this experience, I am pleased with the positive responses to my portfolio and the feedback from the two guests I talked to and look forward to contacting Edwin Ho about opportunities he might be able to give me to expand on my knowledge of the fashion industry.