Part 2: Professional Practice Statement of Intent 

For part 2 of the assignment for professional practice, we were asked to work as a whole class, where each member of the class was given a role to work on, on a project called Student Conference where we have to plan an event showcasing our course that is engaging, practical and organised by the students. Then after the day we had to evaluate and reflect on the day, this included our personal involvement and benefits personally achieved through this assignment.  For the second part of the project we have to create an image portfolio of 15 to 20 images that showcases our work to it best potential, as well as creating a moving image piece of a maximum of 2 minutes long that is a promotional self-promoting video of ourselves that achieves a professional quality. To accompany the portfolio of work we have chosen we will also have a portfolio review day, where a series of professional photographers will come and see our work and critic our images in a beneficial way to help us progress with our images making and as a photographer. The third and final part of this project is to do critical module evaluation of 750-1000 words talking about how this whole project has gone reflecting on each of the parts that also explains how you will put this learning into your own practice. This includes an overall summery of your module experiences and finally write the second part of the professional development log that will help me reflect on my second year at university. 

By the end of this project I hope that I have achieved the goals set by the assignment and have started to create a clear Idea on where I see myself focusing next year as well as after I finish university, using all the things I learn within these project to help me in the future and progress as a fashion photographer. 

To pass this project I need to:

  • Help plan and turn up to the student conference 
  • Evaluate and reflect on the student conference 
  • Create a digital and printed image portfolio of 15 to 20 images 
  • Turn up to the portfolio review day
  • Evaluate and reflect on the portfolio day
  • Write second Part of PDP 
  • Mind Map for moving image piece
  • Mood board/links of moving image pieces for my film 
  • Story board for moving image piece
  • Film for moving image piece 
  • Edit moving image piece on Premier pro 

I will also write an evaluation talking about my experiences throughout this module whilst talking about what went well, what I could have improved on and the learning I will take into my third year at university. 

When beginning to plan the Student Conference the class needed to not put off this work but to plan it straight away so that it is well organised, structured and planned to ensure it would provide an insightful day for others. Initially for the student conference I contacted:

  • Toby Cobley 
  • John Hazel 
  • Jon Conney 
  • Codie Hobbs 

I really hope this project goes well, that we are organised and communicate well as a group and that I complete everything that is asked of me by this brief and that by doing this assignment I will understand and have gained knowledge of the fashion photography industry and begin to understand where I might see myself within the industry.