Overall Evaluation of Part 2 of Professional Practice 

For the assignments that make up part 2 of professional practice we were asked to complete five assignments a student conference where the whole class were involved in the planning, organising and hosting an event, to complete an image portfolio of 15 to 20 images that showcase our work to its best potential, complete a portfolio review organised by our lecturers, create a moving image that promotes us as photographer,  complete the part 2 of the professional development plan and finally to finish off this assignment to complete a reflection and evaluation of the whole project. Overall this project has taught me a considerable amount about myself as a photographer and my images as well as providing the opportunity to learn new techniques and skills to help further my knowledge and understanding ready for my final year.  

At the beginning of this assignment I focused on the planning, organising and hosting of a real event called Student Conference as I wanted to make sure I was fully involved to ensure this conference was a success. I was one of the people who put in a lot of effort in to ensure that we hosted a successful day and I was disappointed that not everyone was as committed. Although not everyone was engaged and involved with the planning of the event the people who did work hard at planning gained an incredible amount from the experience and the overall day seemed to do very smoothly. I think that during the planning through there where a couple of disagreements on the best way to plan the event, what the event should be and how some people where not helping, everyone did communicate and collaborate well to create a very productive day that people seemed to enjoy and learn more about the industry of photography and how they might progress after university. During the organization of the conference I definitely developed my skills of communicating, organising, planning and working as part of a very large team, all of these are essential skills for the future.

After finishing the student conference, I then moved on to creating a portfolio of 15 to 20 images that shows off my best work and showcases the type of photographer I want to be. I found creating this portfolio very difficult as I get very attached to images and could not decide which of my images I should use in my portfolio and the ones that do not showcase the range of my work to its best. I was proud of my final portfolio and I think that the images chosen, represent the area of photography I want to work in e.g. fashion photography. When reflecting on my portfolio I feel that there are other images that would work in my portfolio that I did not consider before putting my portfolio together due to time constraints. The way in which I put my portfolio together was by printing out all the images I could find that I like of this year on small photo paper and then with the help of my class and lecturer Jane I began to put together a portfolio that I think is amazing over a two-week period. I really appreciated the help of my lecturer and class mates in helping me narrow down my image choices for my portfolio as I don’t think it would have been as good without this support, encouragement and feedback as I am very indecisive on the images I could put in and the order I should present my portfolio in. 

After the portfolio was put together we then had the portfolio review where I talked to two of the guests Edwin Ho and Barnaby Girling I found that talking to two very different people in the photographic industry helped me understand how I need to progress in my image taking to be able to be a fulltime fashion photographer in the industry. I found the meeting with Edwin Ho in particular incredibly useful and interesting as he is in the fashion industry, so he was able to give me advice on the industry and how to further improve my images. Overall the portfolio review was a very useful event and I look forward to having more portfolio reviews with people in the industry in the future. 

For the assignment I also had to make a moving image piece that promoted myself as a photographer, looking back at how  this part of the assignment went though I know I found this very challenging as I rarely use film as a media and my final piece I am slightly disappointed I did try my best and learnt a lot about filming and editing moving images and hope that the techniques I have learnt I can use during the summer and in my third year to improve my filming skills and my knowledge and expertise in this area further. 

Alongside the other 3 parts I had to write part two of the PDP. I found all this information very useful as not only did I learn a lot about myself and the industry I began to really think about my goals and where I want to be in photography and in, 1 year, 3 years and five years. By the lectures getting me to do this it pushes me to start considering my future and research the industry I plan to go into so that when I leave university I am not confused about how to move forward.

To finish this project and looking at everything I have achieved for the end of this project I have really enjoyed the experiences and have learnt new techniques and skills that I will be able to take in my final year as well as when I leave university. I think that my favourite part of this assignment had to be the portfolio review as I believe I got the most out of the day and enjoyed talking to the guests to understand more about the industry and well as what they think of my work.