Moving Image Piece write up

For the final creative part of this project we had to create a Moving image piece that is around 2 minutes long that is using the appropriate software that would help to further show case our work this software could be Premier Pro. This is an experimental part of our project that is showing that we are starting to understand how to use a variety of different software and filming. This Moving image piece can take various forms such as:

  • A self-promoting talking head interview 
  • A behind the scenes look at your production 
  • A promotional piece that advertises your photography
  • A Moving image project shot for a client 

For my moving image I have decided to do a promotional piece that advertises my photography. When first starting to create and think of ideas for this video I had little idea on how I would film, produce and style this film, but after talking to people in my class, friends and our film lecturer I started to get more of a solid idea of the type of promotional film of myself I could achieve. I know that this part of the assignment I will find very difficult as filming and using Premier Pro are not my strong points and are aspect I am not particularly excited by or interested in, however I will give it my best try and experiment fully with filming and editing throughout this project as I can see how this would be a useful way to promote my work in the future. 

When creating my film, I had a plan on the types of videos I wanted to create and the direction I wanted my film to go in. I decided not to talk throughout my film and just show filming and images throughout with some type appearing on the film. Here is the plan and how I wanted my film to look:

  • Opening page -Stating my name and that I’m a fashion photographer 
  • Maybe show some images of myself holding a camera etc. 
  • Writing saying On location work
  • Show filming of me on location 
  • Show images I have taken form on location shoots 
  • Writing that says Studio work 
  • Show filming of me in the studio 
  • Show images I have taken from studio shoots
  • Ending page 
  • Make sure there is music that goes with the theme of my film throughout the video

Looking at the film I have taken for this assignment I know it is not the best filming I have done but I really struggle filming the moving images for this project and working out the style and the best way to film myself throughout. But as this is the first time I have really experimented by doing film other than in my first year I am pleased with the moving images I have managed to produce and feel that I have learnt new skills from the experiences of this module and next time I am asked to do a filming piece my filming and skills will have improved. 

After I had completed all the filming I then moved on to the editing of the film by moving all the original footage to Premier Pro. When first starting to edit this work, I was not looking forward to it as though we have had lessons from our film lecturer and I do have some experience in editing from last year I am still very much a beginner and don’t have much experiences on the best ways to use the software, so this was a completely new concept and techniques that I was trying to use. However, after a lot of practice and experimenting with different techniques that can be found on Premier Pro as I moved forward in editing my work I think my skills became and lot better and more refined. I think that what helped me get through the editing of my filming was a lot of research and looking at YouTube videos on how to use Premier Pro as with each video I watched I began to understand and get more adventurous with me ideas and how to best to edit my work to create intrigue and to show off myself as a fashion photographer in the best light. 

If I was to do this film again I think I would spend more time planning, executing and editing my film. I think that if I had ensured I had sufficient time for example, more than a week and a half on the actual filming and more than 4 days on the editing of the film it might look better and the filming would be more professional than it is. However, I can only learn from trying new things, developing new skills making mistakes along the way and moving forward and progressing and take what I have learnt from finding this project daunting and difficult and bring it into filming I might try and experiment with during the summer and when in my final year at university.  

Overall though there are parts I am not as pleased with and am disappointed with within this film such as filming skills and editing. However, I am proud that I have persevered, shown resilience and I have experimented with new techniques and skills and tried my hardest to make a film that shows off myself as a professional fashion photographer. 

You will find my moving image piece on the classroom.