Overall Evaluation for Client Brief 

Looking back at the entirety of the client brief assignment whether that’s working with the clients through Plymouth College of Art, the clients I found myself, the research I have undertaken for each client, and or the editing of the images and the professional manner I believe I have used throughout this assignment, I have really enjoyed this assignment as it has given me the experience of what it is like to work with real clients and the amount of work you have to do for each one. Working with actual clients instead of just working on the briefs given to me by my lecturers gives you a wider experience of what working in the photography world would be like. For example, when working with real clients you might not always get along with the clients or the brief might not go as planned and in this situation, you need to still act in a professional manner and to find a way through. I think by doing this assignment It has given me a real look into what it will be like to be a commercial photographer in the industry of photography and what it means and what I should expect when I leave university. It has helped me understand what I need to do to get clients and how to work with them, instead of being blind sighted after university about how to work with clients etc. 

Looking back at the overall project I have really enjoyed my time with each client I took on I had new experiences and learnt new things about myself and the photography industry and after each client I was able to take the experiences I have learnt from that client and bring it to the next. Though at the time when briefs did not go as planned I was panicked and frustrated once I had calmed down and had time to find a way through it everything began to go smoothly again, I understood that not everything will always go as planned and I think this will help me in the future to be a better photographer and I will be able to understand the industry a lot better. I think that my favourite two clients I have worked with were Holly McGlynn as I love assisting Holly as I always have new experiences and she is happy to share her knowledge but to ask for my opinion too and I learn a lot about the industry I am most interested in, fashion photography. My second favourite was my final client which was a child photography shoot I loved assisting Megan on this shoot and I defiantly want to do more children’s photography shoots in the future and maybe bring fashion photography and children’s photography together and experiment with children’s fashion. I think this would be a fun experiment to see how that industry within photography works. 

After completing everything that I had set out in my statement of intent I think I have worked hard on this project to have clients that I would not normally work with and to push me and my thinking and experiences in different directions than I would normally go for, but to still create some interesting and creative images. I think that I have also developed my skills and techniques with each brief that will help me during the summer when I try and find more clients as well as in my 3rd year. 

Though I am very happy with everything I have achieved within this assignment and I did my best and acted professionally with each shoot I did there are somethings I would change. For example, I think I would work more on pricing each client and make sure I am not under- pricing myself, I would also try and get more clients within the fashion industry so that I can carry on experiment with my chosen subject as well as trying to get maybe one or two more clients because I think that the more clients you have the more experience you gain. 

Overall, I am very pleased and excited with how this assignment has gone as well as the final images I have produced. I am also looking forward to the next project, so I can use the skills I have learnt and develop them further.