Client Brief: Statement of Intent 

I was very excited when I was given the assignment of client brief as it will be a great project to fully understand how to work with clients in the real world and to show some genuine clients my fashion photography skills and also my skills in other subjects with in photography. The aim of this project is to work with real life clients both those provided by Plymouth College of Art and clients we find for ourselves. This project will give me the opportunity to understand what it is like to work with a proper client within the safety net of the university and to find out what to expect and what I would be expected to be able to achieve with each client once I have left university. 

For the project of client brief I set myself the goal of getting between 6 to 10 clients in a variety of different subject both securing them myself and though the college. I will also produce a final image from each of the projects to promote my work and to highlight what I have learnt throughout the project. 

From these experiences with clients I hope to gain the knowledge and skills:

  • Communicating with clients 
  • Acting Professionally 
  • Creativity within a client brief 
  • Working with a Client  
  • Fulfilment of Clients expectations 
  • logistics and planning 
  • The knowledge of creating invoices etc. 
  • Working with two or more clients at once 
  • Negotiation strategies 
  • Final delivery of services in its entirety 

By the end of the project I hope I manage to meet all the goals I set my self and that I learn and discover a lot form these opportunities and that I can take these experience, not only into my third year but, also when trying to get more clients after this project has finished that will help me expand and explore the industry further. 

To pass the assignment of client brief I need to:

  • Create overall mind map
  • Create overall mood board and Pinterest mood board
  • Make a list of people I could contact 
  • Call Sheets for each client 
  • Mood Board/Pinterest for each client 
  • Mind map for each client
  • Contact sheets for each client (If needed) 
  • Correspondence between myself and each client
  • Invoices for each client
  • Final Image for each client (If needed) 

By the end of this project I will also write an evaluation for each of my clients as well as an overall evaluation talking about each brief and what in those briefs went right and what went wrong and what I have gained and learnt from the overall experience of working with actual clients. I also believe that If I contact as many people as I can, many of whom I would not always feel comfortable in contacting I will be able to push the boundaries of what I feel content working within and have new experience within the world of photography. 

When thinking of people, I could contact for this project that I thought I could work well with and from whom I would learn a lot from, whilst not just focusing on passing the assignment but also gaining some additional professional knowledge and experience, whether that is the business side of photography or the actual photography the first people that came to mind were:

  • Fashion departments 
  • Assisting fashion photographers 
  • Head Shots 
  • Family Shoots 

I really hope this project goes well and that from this project I discover a lot about the industry of fashion photography and what it is like to be a photographer and to work with actual clients. I hope that this project will also prepare me for my third and final year of university as well as push me to carry on working with real clients after this project has ended and to seek other opportunities within the world of photography.