Client brief 2-Sefl Negotiated

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  • Mind Map
  • Mood Board/Pinterest Board
  • Brief
  • Contact sheet
  • Correspondence between client and I
  • Invoice
  • Risk assessment
  • Feedback Form
  • Evaluation
  • Final Image

Client brief 2 Mind Map 

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Assisting Holly McGlynn Mind Map 

Client brief 2 Mood Board/Pinterest board 

Mood Board

Market shoot assisting Holly MoodBoard.jpg

Pinterest Board

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 15.42.38Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 15.42.31Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 15.42.26Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 15.42.19Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 15.42.12Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 15.42.06



Client 2 Holly McGlynn 

Date and time of the shoot 

28th of March 10:00 – 17:00

Location – Shepherd’s Bush Market (London)

Team List 

  • Photographer – Holly McGlyn  
  • Assistant – Laura Stobart 
  • Stylist – Marta Krolewicz
  • MUA – Morgan Defre 
  • Model – Gift Nyakuta 
  • Client – White Noise 
  • Collaborating – Traid (Charity Shop)

The brief given to me by Holly McGlynn is that it’s a on location shoot at Shepherds Bush Market for a site called White Noise and we are collaborating with TRAID. It’s minimal equipment as we aren’t allowed to use too much equipment in the market so we will be using just one light. Then I might need you to do some digiops too. 

Call Sheet 

  • 10:00 – Meet with Holly McGlynn 
  • 10:15 – Meet with the TRAID and MUA
  • 10:30 – Model turns up 
  • 10:40 – Holly Briefs everyone on the day 
  • 10:45 – Location scouting 
  • 11:00 – MUA starts doing the models makeup 
  • 11:30 – Walk to Shepherd’s Bush Market
  • 11: 40 – Start shooting 
  • 14:00 – Stop for lunch and look through images so far
  • 14:30 – Start shooting again 
  • 16:45 – Finish shooting and start packing up 
  • 17:00 – Debriefing of shoot 


  • Camera 5D Mark IV 
  • Lens 75 -100
  • Flash 
  • Lighting stand 
  • Skyport 
  • Reflector 

Lighting setup 

This lighting setup is an idea of lighting Holly McGlynn might ask me to do on the day depending on how busy the market is, how sunny the day is and how the model is positioned and dressed. This of course will change as the day goes on. As I’m sure Holly McGlynn will want to experiment with the lighting as the days goes on I am expecting to make lots of changes to the lighting and positioning as the shoot progresses. 

Holly McGlynn assisting lighting-diagram-1526989709.jpg


  • Make sure you are available to help with anything the photographer, model, stylist needs 
  • Always ask if there is anything you can help with 
  • Ask if anyone wants anything to drink/eat 
  • If you don’t know something, ask (This is a learning experience) 
  • Give your opinion on images etc when asked 
  • Make sure lighting is perfect 

Mood Board 

When  thinking of an editorial fashion shoot in a market here are the images that come to mind. I think these are the types of images she is planning on taking due to what she said about the shoot. So, by having created this mood board it gives me an idea on places to suggest for each outfit and posing ideas if Holly McGlynn asks for my opinion during the day.

   Client 2 Contact Sheets from shoot

Due to me assisting on a professional shoot I don’t have any of the images from the shoot which means I don’t have any contact sheets. However, I do have behind the scenes images and images Holly put on Instagram from the shoot.


Correspondence Between Client and I

For this brief all the communication was done by text, Here is the correspondence between Holly McGlynn and I. During these text messages we talked about what to expect on the shoot, what my role is and where the shoot took place.



For my second client as assisting Holly McGlynn I was payed for my services, Here is the invoice I sent Holly McGlynn.

Holly McGlynn Invoice (Without card details).jpg

Risk Assessment form 

Before assisting on this shoot I filled out a risk assessment form so that I would be aware of risks that could come up during the shoot and harm myself and others who are involved in the shoot.

Click link to see risk assessment from

Risk Assesment Holly McGlynn

Feedback Form 

For my second brief I did not get a feedback form back from the client as I did not think it was a professional thing to ask at an end of a shoot. However, Holly McGlynn did say that she loved having me on the shoot and that I helped her lots throughout the day and she would have me assisting her again at some point in the future.

Client 2: Holly McGlynn Evaluation 

For my second client I was asked by Holly McGlynn to assist her on a location editorial fashion shoot at Shepherds Bush Market, in London. The shoot was for a site called White Noise and in collaboration with a charity shop called “TRAID”. This was a paid assisting role and the brief Holly presented me indicated that on the day there would be minimal equipment for example one flash gun on a lighting stand and that I might need to do some digiops during the day, whilst also assisting Holly with anything else that might occur as the day unfolds. 

This was the third time I have assisted Holly McGlynn and I always enjoy assisting her as the briefs are varied and I learn new things from these experience and get to learn first-hand what it is like to be a fashion photographer. Holly is also very happy to answer any question I have and always asks for my opinion about how the images look, the locations, props and posing she could try. For this shoot I arrived at the agreed upon time outside the charity shop whilst I waited for Holly to turn up. Once Holly arrived we both went in to the shop to meet the client who would also be the stylist for the day. After meeting the stylist and talking through the day and having a look at the clothes the makeup artist turned up. This meant that the only person we were waiting for was the model, 45 minutes later the model had still not turned up and Holly was starting to get a bit anxious so she tried calling the model, but there was no answer so Holly decided to call the modelling agency. The agency had no idea where the model was and could not get hold of her either. This started to panic everyone as we were now behind schedule. This is when the makeup artist and Holly came up with a plan that the makeup artist would put up on his Facebook and Instagram that they were looking for a model after about 30 minutes the modelling agency called back explaining they were very sorry but there had been a mix up and the model had not got her contract for the job so she presumed she had not got the job. Luckily by this time we had managed to find another model and about an hour later the model turned up. After Holly briefed everyone one on what her vision for the day was l and showed us her mood board the makeup artist started to do the models makeup. Holly and I went to the market to find the perfect locations that might work with the clothing we had. When we found a location we liked and thought would work we then asked the shop owners if it was ok for us to come back later and take images by their stall. When the model was finally ready and changed into the first outfit we went to the first location. This process was then repeated and we would go to the next location. The model changed outfits and locations until 2 when we stopped for lunch and had a quick look through the images to make sure that we were on the right track for this shoot and that the client and Holly thought the images fitted their vision for the shoot… When our 30 minute break was over we then carried on shooting until four forty five when the shoot was finished and we started packing up all the equipment and walked back to the shop. Once there Holly debriefed us all and thanked us for our help and then we went our separate ways. During the day there was around 6-8 outfits and backup outfits to shoot depending on how much time we had and also if the main outfits worked with the locations we found. 

Looking back at the day I found it very interesting and learnt a lot about an on location fashion editorial shoot. I think that it was also interesting to see when a shoot does not go as planned and when in that situation how you deal with it? I think that everyone dealt with the situation of the first model not turning up very professionally and that they were quick to come up with a back- up plan. Having this experience maybe me realise that not everything goes to plan no matter how well planned the shoot is, but as long as you stay calm you will be able to think of another plan. The model we had in the end was very good and I think everyone was very happy with the images Holly managed to produce during the day. 

Though I don’t have any contact sheets or final images from this shoot as it was a professional shoot and the images belong to Holly McGlynn and the client. I do have some images from behind the scenes on Holly’s request and also some screen shots of the final images that are on Holly McGlynn and the White Noise Instagram account. 


Out of all images I have seen from the shoot on Instagram I think my favourite image has to be the seventh images I think that the clothes she is wearing and the background really go together to create an appealing image that really stands out to me. However I really like all the images above because of the way and style of the shoot and the use of the environment and colours around them whether that is the clothes, background or both. 

Overall I am delighted that I got to assist Holly McGlynn again and I learnt a lot from the experience and I hope that sometime soon I will be able to assists her again and be able to learn more first- hand knowledge about the fashion industry. I also hope that what I have learnt from this shoot I can bring these experiences into my own work and also my next client.

Final Image 

Due to not have any images from this shoot I don’t have a final image