Client 5- Self Negotiated

List of content on this Post 

  • Mind Map
  • Mood Board
  • Brief
  • Contact sheet
  • Correspondence between client and I
  • Invoice
  • Risk assessment
  • Feedback Form
  • Evaluation
  • Final Image

Client Brief 5 Mind Map 

Click the link to see the Mind Map:

Bright Lake Consulting Prints Mind map

Client brief 5 Mood Board

Mood Board of my images

Bright Lake MoodVoard.jpg


Client 5 Bright Lake consulting 

Date I was given the brief 

28th of march

Date the brief ends 

18th Of April 

Team List 

Photographer – Laura Stobart 

client – Bright Lake Consulting

For this brief given to me by Bright Lake Consulting I was asked to find two of my images that would work well in an office environment. The business wants 2 prints both different sizes to liven up their office space. They want two very different images one a detail shot and a fashion image that does not have the main focus on the models face. 

Call Sheet 

  • 28th of March – Create mood board of images that could work 
  • 31st of March – Start finding images to create contact sheets to send to the client 
  • 2nd of April – Send contact sheets to client 
  • 9th of April – Received the contact sheets again with images they like 
  • 12th of April – Resend contact sheets with only Narrowed down images left 
  • 13th of April – Client tells me which two images they want and the size of the images 
  • 15th of April – Start editing and resizing images to meet the client criteria 
  • 17th of April – Send final two images to client 
  • 18th of April – Make sure client is happy with the two images 


  • Photoshop 
  • Email 
  • Phone 

Dates I meet the client in person 

  • 29th Of March 
  • 5th Of April 
  • 13th Of April 
  • 18th Of April 

Working with a client 

  • Make sure to act profession whether that’s in person, over the phone or by email 
  • Make sure to sound interested and happy about the brief 
  • Make sure that the client is happy 
  • Be happy and available to talk to the client at any time 

Mood Board 

Here is a mood board of some of the images that when I first heard the brief I thought could work well in the office space. These are four images I will put into the contact sheet to show the client; however I do know that the client might not pick any of these images but it’s a good starting point.     


Client 1 Contact Sheets from shoot 

Here are my original contact sheets from the shoot, you will find the annotated contact sheets in my folder.

Original Contact Sheets


Narrowed Down Contact Sheet


Correspondence Between Client and I

The correspondence done between the client a I was all done in person and on the phone. As I thought this would be a professional way in which to sell my prints and hopefully make them want to buy more prints on the future.


Here is the invoice showing the amount of money I charged my client for the two prints

Bright Lake Consulting Invoice .jpg

Risk Assessment form

Working with this client I did not have to do risk assessment form because I was not doing a photographic shoot with him I was just selling the client two prints that I edited and sized to their request.

Feedback Form 

At the end of my brief I asked for the costume students to fill out a feedback form so that I can learn from this experience and gain knowledge on how next time I can make the shoot better.

Click link to see Feedback Form:

Feedback Form BrightLake Consulting Ltd

Client 5: Bright Lake Consulting Evaluation 

For this brief given to me by Bright Lake Consulting I was asked to find two of my images that would work well in an office environment. The business wants 2 prints both different sizes to liven up their office space. They want two very different images one a detail shot and a fashion image that does not have the main focus on the models face. This again was a paid client brief and I was delighted to find out that someone wanted two of my images to put in an office environment and that they wanted to work with me to find these images. 

This client was very different to the other clients I have had so far as part of the brief was not me photographing a model or products and I was not assisting anyone. This meant that I did not have any experience on how to go about this brief. After the client had got in contact with me I created mood board of images I thought might match the brief given to me just to get my thought processes working and so that I could start thinking of all the shoots I have done in the past. After the mood board I created a contact sheet of a variety of different images that I thought matched the brief and sent it to the client, sometime later the client got back to me saying which images they did not like and the images they liked. This started the processes of narrowing down my images to find their favourite two. Next, I sent back another contact sheet of images minus the ones turned down so that the client could take time deciding which images they liked. Later the client got back to me with their final choice of their favourite final two images. After commissioning me for these two prints I then sized the two prints to the precise size and also did some more editing to the two images to make sure they were perfect to send to the client. Whilst editing the images I also added my initials to the bottom part of each image so that they would only be able to use the two images for prints, but also because I was sending them digitally for them to print they would not be able to credit the images to someone else. After sending the images the client seemed very happy with the final two images they have received and said they are sure they will buy more prints from me in the future. During this brief most of the communication was over the phone or in person I though by doing this it would be more personal and professional to meet me and talk to me in person, rather than just having everything over email or text. 

When reflecting on this brief, I think I acted professionally throughout the experience and the client seemed impressed and pleased with the final outcome I think I have also gained in confidence whilst working with this client because of the face to face nature of the contact. I think that by working with this client I will hopefully get some more commissions for my work and that they will promote my work with other businesses and next time I will know how best to behave during the time with the client. If I was to work with this client again I think the thing I would have done differently is that maybe I should have offered to print and frame the images for the client and then send them the final prints, instead of sending them by email. I think that I also might have spent a bit more time with the client to make sure I fully got to know the client and what they wanted but, also to ensure I used the experience to its fullest. Saying this there were many things I think I did right such as always acting professionally and communicating well with the client and that I was confident to meet up in person and answer their calls when they wanted to clarify things. 

Here are the final two prints the clients chose, my favourite image has to be the one of the model’s back. I love the colours used within the image and I think that the first image is more my style than the one of the guitar. However, I do like both of these images they are just very different from each other. 


At the conclusion of this brief I am pleased with how it has gone and have gained considerable experience about how to sell prints and work with clients in a professional manner. I look forw ard to doing many more shoots to produce some more interesting images to sell. I hope that the next brief I have goes as well as this one did. 

Final Image 

Here is the final Image from the shoot that is upload to the folder on the classroom as one of my final images that was a client provided by PCA. You will also find this image printed and in my folder I hand in.