Client 4-Self Negotiated

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  • Mind Map
  • Mood Board/Pinterest Board
  • Brief
  • Contact sheet
  • Edited images
  • Correspondence between client and I
  • Invoice
  • Risk assessment
  • Feedback Form
  • Evaluation
  • Final Image

Client Brief 1 Mind Map 

Click the link to see the Mind Map:

Client Brief 4 (Lucy Moss)

Client brief 4 Mood Board/Pinterest board 

Mood Boards

Advertising Mood BoardAdvertising mood board 2

Pinterest Boards

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 16.31.19Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 16.31.12Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 16.31.05Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 16.30.56Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 16.30.49Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 16.30.41Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 16.30.30Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 16.30.19Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 16.30.12


Client 4 Lucy Moss 

Date and time of shoot 

26th of April 17:00 – 19:00 changed to 9th of May 17:05 – 19:00

Location – Cove Studio (Plymouth College Of Art)

Team List 

  • Photographer – Laura Stobart 
  • Assistant – Megan Tyler 
  • Client – Lucy Moss 
  • Stylist – Lucy Moss 

The Client, Lucy Moss, asked me to take some images of her graphic design pieces in a creative and modern style that would hopefully stand out to other graphic design images out there. Lucy was really excited about this shoot and was very keen on being part of the shoot; making sure the images looked the best they can and helping to style the images to her liking. By her wanting to be involved in the shoot I think this gave me a more of an idea on what types of images she wanted and so far has been well plan with lots of one to one meetings 

Call Sheet

  • 16:50 – Megan and I meet 
  • 17:05 – start setting up the studio 
  • 17:20 – Lucy Moss arrives 
  • 17:30 – start shooting 
  • 18:00 – All 3 of us look through images to make sure they are ok 
  • 18:45 – Look through images once more to make sure we are not missing anything ad we are happy 
  • 18:50 – Start packing up 
  • 19:00 – wrap up of shoot 


  • Prints 
  • Books 
  • Booklets 
  • Records 
  • Typography 
  • Packaging 
  • Calendar cards 
  • Sketchbook 


  • Camera 5D Mark IV 
  • Lens 24 – 105mm
  • Product table 
  • Skyport 
  • 4 Lights 
  • 2 soft boxes 
  • Tripod 
  • Reflector 

Lighting setup 

As I have not photographed many products before I knew this shoot might be be a bit of a challenge and out of my comfort zone. But I knew if I created a lighting diagram I could then look at on the day I would be less stressed and could focus on getting some great images for my client. 

Lucy Moss lighting-diagram-1527001179.jpg

Ideas for some images 

Due to Lucy giving me a good idea of the types of images she wanted and that we created a mood board together to make sure we are on the same page, I have a good idea on how I can style the products along with Lucy. I’m thinking that with some of the products I will try taking them at weird angles that are not normally seen or maybe even move the products in an obscure way that will help make the image interesting and unique. 

Mood Boards 

This mood board will really help me during the shoot as its some images me and Lucy picked out together. this will also mean if I get stuck on ideas I can look back and be able to come up with new ideas.


Client 1 Contact Sheets from shoot 

Here are my original contact sheets from the shoot, you will find the annotated contact sheets in my folder.

original contact sheets


Narrowed down contact sheets that where sent to the client


Edited Images 

Here are the edited images that I sent to the client on their request.

Correspondence Between Client and I

The client and myself decided that for this brief we would do all the correspondence in person or over the phone. We thought that by doing this not only will this job seem a lot more involved and personal. We would also be on the same page for the style of imagery we where expecting from this shoot.



Here is the invoice for my 4th client. This brief was not a payed job, so in my invoice I put the price I would of charged if it was a payed client.

Client 4 Invoice (Lucy Moss Brief).jpg

Risk Assessment form 

Before going on the shoot I filled out a risk assessment form so that I would be aware of risks that could come up during the shoot and harm myself , the client or my assistant.

Click link to see risk assessment from:

Risk Assesment Lucy Moss

Feedback Form 

After the shoot was completed I asked Lucy to fill out a feedback form so that I can learn from this experience and gain knowledge on how next time I can make a shoot similar to this better.

Click the link to see assessment from:

Feedback Form Lucy Moss

Client 4: Lucy Moss Evaluation 

The brief for the shoot with Lucy Moss was that she wanted her graphic design pieces such as Books, Prints, typography and sketchbooks photographed in a studio environment in an interesting and intriguing way that might stand out from other graphic design photography out there. I was really excited about this brief as I don’t do much product photography and I thought it would be a great way to experiment and try out other subjects within photography and also because I really like this clients graphic design work and loved the opportunity to photograph her work.

I found that whilst working with this client the planning and the actual shooting went very well because we live together we were able to spend lots of time creating mood boards and talking about the ideas we both had for this shoot because of this the communication between the two of us was very good and we both understood what each of us wanted out of this brief and the images that needed to be created. The first shoot we were meant to have had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and because of not all of the products where not all ready to be shot. So, we had to delay the shoot for another time because we both wanted the best out of this experience and did not want to rush the process when not everything was ready. By the time the shoot finally occurred I had decided that it would work best if I had an assistant to help me during the shoot, therefore I invited Megan to join the team. Megan and I went to the studio first to set everything up ready for Lucy to arrive with all the products. Once everything was setup and the client had arrived we got the first product ready and the process of shooting each product began. After a variety of different products had been shot and the client and I where happy with the images I had produced during the time in the studio Megan and I packed up. The next part of this brief was for me to go through all the images a discard the images that hadn’t worked. After finding all the images that worked from the shoot I made a contact sheet of all these images and gave them to the client to look through. This enabled my client to pick the images she wanted me to edit. Once she had decided the images she wanted I then spent around 4 hours editing all of the images and making the images perfect to then send to the client. After sending all the final image to the client and finalising that we were both happy with how the images looked the brief was completed. The client has said that in the near future there will be some more products she would like me to photograph, which I will be happy to do. 

Looking back at this brief I think it went really well and I have got some great images from the shoot. I think during this brief I have acted professionally and produced a series of images that matched the brief the client gave me. If I was to do this shoot again I think I would have book a bit more time in the studio so that I could spend a little more time on each product so that I could really experiment with each one by getting different angles and styling techniques for each. 

Though many images turned out well during this shoot there were images that did not work as well, and it was a great learning experience as I do not work with products very often. Most of the images I found that did not work during this shoot was because of the exposure as I really struggled in the beginning to find the right lighting for each product and that not all of the positioning and angles of the products worked. But I think you have to try lots of different techniques some might work some might not before getting some intriguing images. Here are some images that did not work.   

Though a few images did not work there where many that did, and I think I showed off the products in a great light, this could have been because of the angle of the camera I used for that product or how the product was styled. Here are two images I think worked well.   

Out of all the images I took my favourite images has to be the image below as I love how this image has been styled and the colours used within the product and the colour of the background all work well together to create and interesting and unique image. This image will be the final image form this brief. 

464A4614 vs2.jpg To conclude this brief this project has to be my favourite brief other than assisting Holly McGlynn I really enjoyed trying a different subject within photography as I know that as a photographer you can’t always take the jobs you like and sometimes you have to do ones you are not as keen on. I would be very happy to do work with another client who needs their products photographed. So that I can experiment more with the idea. 

Final Image 

Here is the final Image from the shoot that is upload to the folder on the classroom as one of my final images that was a client provided by PCA. You will also find this image printed and in my folder I hand in.

464A4614 vs2.jpg