Client 3-Provided by PCA

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  • Mind Map
  • Mood Board/Pinterest Board
  • Brief
  • Contact sheet
  • Edited Images
  • Correspondence between client and I
  • Invoice
  • Risk assessment
  • Feedback Form
  • Evaluation
  • Final Image

Client Brief 3 Mind Map 

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Client 3 (Costume shoot)

Client brief 3 Mood Board/Pinterest board 

Mood Board

Client 3 (Costume Brief).jpg

Pinterest Board

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Clients 3 Costume students 

Date and time of shoot 

22nd of May 8:45 – 10:45

Location – Cove Studio (Plymouth College Of Art)

Team List  

  • Photographers – Laura Stobart and Megan Tyler 
  • Model – Mark 
  • Clients – Jessie Nelson and Leah Olden (Year 2 costume students)
  • Costume designers – Jessie Nelson and Leah Olden 

The brief, given to us by the costume students, was very non-specific – they just told us they wanted some images taken of their two costumes with the same model and with a white background. All they said about the two costumes was that Jessie was in the style of tudor/indian men’s wear and Leah’s was in the theme of water men’s wear. They also said they wanted the model to look very dominant so having arms crossed etc. So, for this shoot Megan and I have a lot of freedom to experiment with two interesting costumes. 

Call Sheet 

  • 8:45 – Megan and I meet 
  • 9:00 – Start setting up the studio and camera 
  • 9:20 – Jessie and Leah turn up with costumes 
  • 9:35 – Model arrives 
  • 9:40 – Model put into first costume 
  • 9:50 – We start shooting 
  • 10:20 – make sure client is happy with the images so far, if so change model into next costume 
  • 10:25 – Start shooting again 
  • 10:40 – Make sure second client is happy with the images
  • 10:42 – Start packing up 
  • 10:45 – Wrap up of shoot 


  • Camera 5D Mark IV 
  • Lens 24-105mm 
  • Lens 80mm
  • Skyport 
  • reflector 
  • 4 lights 
  • 2 soft boxes 
  • Tripod 

Lighting diagram 

Due to this shoot being in the cove I can really create the lighting setup I want that I think will work the best with the clothing both consume students bring. The lighting setup I picked I think will show off the clothes well whilst also distributing the light between the 4 lights the best to show a white background.

costume students lighting-diagram-1526998125.jpg

 ideas for some images 

The costume students stated that wanted to get across was their outfits but also dominant posing. So, the first types of images I plan to take will hopefully show this. Maybe I will do some images looking up to show that the model is more dominant or have the model’s arms crossed or on their hips. 

Mood Board 

Though I am not sure what the costumes look like yet, they have told me the theme of the outfits so I have done an internet search on the style of clothing to see what I could find. I think the images I have found will give me an initial idea on how to pose the model in this style of costume. 




Client 3 Contact Sheets from shoot 

Here are my original contact sheets from the shoot, you will find the annotated contact sheets in my folder.

original contact sheets


Narrowed Down contact sheets that was sent to the client


Edited Images 

Here are the edited images that I sent to the client on their request.



Correspondence Between Client and I

Here is the correspondence between Megan, the two costume students and I. I felt that making a group chat was the best way to go as it meant everyone could see the plan and state if they had any objections about the shoot with everyone so that some people are not left out of the loop in what is going on.



Here is the invoice for my 3rd client. For this client Megan and I where not payed for our services so in my invoice I put the price I would of charged if it was a payed client.

Client 3 Invoice(Costume Brief).jpg

Risk Assessment form 

Before going on the shoot I filled out a risk assessment form so that I would be aware of risks that could come up during the shoot and harm myself , Megan, clients and Models.

Click link to see risk assessment from:

Risk Assesemnt Costume Student

Feedback Form 

At the end of my brief I asked for the costume students to fill out a feedback form so that I can learn from this experience and gain knowledge on how next time I can make the shoot better.

Click link to see Feedback Form:

Feedback Form Costume Students

Client 3: Costume Student Evaluation 

For the third client I worked in collaboration with the second year costume students. This brief was given to us by our lecturers we were asked that if we were interested in this brief to put our names down on a sign- up sheet. We were then put in to groups of two, this meant that during this project there would be two photographers so that we could plan and help each other out on the shoot and take turns taking images. The brief given to us by the costume course was that they wanted some images taken of the costumes they have just made for their project in the theme of either under water, earth, air or tapestries. 

I found this brief very open as the two costume student we were allocated only said they wanted studio images showing the male model in a dominant pose. This open brief meant that Megan and I could really experiment during the shoot and with the help of the costume students to come up with some great images. Though I found the communication between our course and the costume course very wanting, with Megan and I not even sure if this client shoot was still going ahead we finally got the names of the student we would be working with and their emails  just 3 and a bit weeks before out deadline. This meant that planning and trying to organise and find a date we could all do before all of our deadlines was very difficult as there was not much studio space available. Luckily we did manage to find a time we could all do and the shoot went ahead. On the day of the shoot Megan and I met up and got out all the equipment we would be needing for the day and setup the studio before the costume students arrived. Once they had arrived we did a briefing to make sure we were all on the same page on the type of images they wanted from this shoot. After the briefing the model turned up and changed into the first outfit and the shooting began I started taking images first and with the help of the costume student and the model we came up with posing ideas we could try that would work well with the outfit. When the first outfit was done and the student and I where happy with the images the model changed outfit and Megan took over with the other student to take images as well. When all the images had finally been taken and all of us were satisfied and pleased with the images that had been produced the model and the costume students left and we packed up. 

After the shoot we went into the mac suite and created contact sheets to send to the costume student so that they could deiced on the images they wanted. When we finally got a reply from them a couple of days later with their favourite images we began to edit the images to ensure that these images would show off the costumes in the best light. After around 3 hours of editing and sizing of images to their specification, we then sent the images back to them. 

Looking back at the shoot though I think it was a bit rushed because of when we received the names and emails of the students and how much studio availability there was so close to the deadline. However, I do think we managed to get some great images of both costumes and both of the students seem to be pleased with the images we have produced for them. Megan and I also offered to take some more images of their costumes after the deadline if they wanted to try some different styles and positioning of the model whether that would be in the studio or on location.    

If I was to do this shoot again I would have defiantly had more time to plan and talk to the costume students to get a clearer idea of what they wanted from these images and what style their costume were following. Maybe if we were given the names of the student as soon as we were given this brief, in our pairs we could of asked the students if they wanted studio or a location shoot and what they were expecting from the shoot instead of the break- down of communication that occurred between the two courses. Though not everything went to plan there where things that went right I think that Megan and I worked well together to plan and execute this shoot as well as communicating with each other and our two costume students. I am also very grateful the amount of time Zephy and Eleanor spent organising the two courses and working out which students will go with which photographers and that they were keen to stay in the loop with how the planning and our shoots were going and offered help if we needed it. 

From all the images from the shoot the favourite image I took is the one below I think It shows off the costume in a great light and I think it matches what the brief from the student was very well.  Though I don’t think it’s the best image I have ever taken I am happy with the image I have produced. It was also a new experience as this was the first time shooting a male model that was not part of a workshop so it was great to try something new and experiment with both the model and the costume together.


Overall I am very with how this brief has gone and have learnt a lot for the experience and I would be happy to work with the costume students again and experiment more with the designs they create. I am also pleased with how well Megan and I worked together and I am sure we will work together again in the near future. 

Final Image 

Here is the final Image from the shoot that is upload to the folder on the classroom as one of my final images that was a client provided by PCA. You will also find this image printed and in my folder I hand in