Social media sites

Creating a Linkedin Page

I found that making this page was very easy. By making this LinkedIn account I can get my name out there and be able to connect with other photographers and people in the industry. I made this page last year and since then I have been connecting with many different photographers both in university and in the industry. I hope to carry on making connections with people and start to add my assisting work to the linked In page as I get more experience

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Creating a Instagram account

I have had a photography Instagram account for some time now and I find it very useful not only to put my own images on but also connection with other photographers and see what they are doing. I also think that it is a great place to get inspiration for your own work. It was very easy to create and took no time at all. When creating the Instagram I put my name as laurastobart photograhy and that name will still work now and it goes with my brand and name. To do Instagram effectively you need to be posting 1-3 times a week I have decided to post once a week so that people can keep up to date with my images and also any time I do a shoot I will film a story.

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Creating a Facebook page

I created a professional Facebook page when in college and first starting out with my photography career. Since then I have decided that the industry I want to go into is fashion and portrait photography and a professional Facebook page does not get noticed in that part of the industry, it is mostly for wedding photographers. Due to this I was debating whether or not I should delete this page or not. After some thinking about what I  should do I decided to keep it, but focus more on my  Linkedin and Instagram, I will also connect my Instagram and Facebook together so whenever I post something of Instagram it will automatically go on to my Facebook as well with the same comment connected.  Making a Facebook page is very easy and through there are not a lot of restrictions on what you can do on a Facebook business page without paying it is another place I can get my work noticed and seen.

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Overall I am very happy with all of my social media sites and how I have branded myself on each of them. I hope as the year goes on I will spend more time posting images which means I will get more recognition.