Professional Practice Statement of Intent

For the assignment of professional practice, we have been asked to go on a professional activity such as assisting a photographer in your chosen industry or having a freelance activity with a client. We have also been asked to start thinking of our branding and marketing strategy i.e. creating website and logos.

By the end of this project I hope that I have achieved all of the goals set on the brief and have started to create a clear marketing strategy of how I am going to make it is the industry and where I see myself in 5 years. As well as starting to create my branding which I hope I will be able to use for life. I also hope that I have learnt new skills and techniques that I will be able to use to expand and explore the industry.

To pass this project I need to:

  • Assist a photographer/ freelance work (No specific amount of time needed)
  • Create a Marketing strategy
  • Develop my branding – logo, website, name, email, business cards, web domain
  • Create a model reseals form
  • Create an online presence – Facebook, Instagram – talk about them and why they are useful
  • Talk about the industry you want to go in
  • Talk about London trip and visiting lectures
  • Research and talk about insurance, public liability insurance, media law and ethics

I will also write an evaluation talking about what went right, what could have gone better and my learning for next time.

When thinking about the professional activity I need to start thinking about that straight away as it might take some time until I find some work in my chosen industry. For the project I hope to assist 3rd year students as that will be great learning experience – but I think I should also push myself out of my comfort zone and assist a photographer already in the industry. People I might contact are:

  • Tina Eisen
  • Holly McGlynn
  • Rebecca Swift
  • John Sansom

I really hope this project goes well and I begin to understand and put myself out into the industry of fashion and portrait photography. I also hope that I have started to build my brand and have an idea of my marketing strategy.