Professional Activity

For the project of professional practice we were given the assignment to consider what our career aspirations are and how we are going to achieve these. For this task we were required to do a work placement either by assisting a photographer, stylist, retoucher or company etc, in the subject we are interested in. or doing our own freelance based activities. For this assignment there is no set amount of time required for this professional activity, just the amount of time you think you need to start learning about the industry you are interested in. I decided for this task to do both assisting work for a fashion photographer as well as assisting a third year. By doing both assisting work for a third year and a photographer in the industry of fashion, it will mean I will quickly learn about a variety of different equipment and what is expected of me as an assistant. Also what it is like being a fashion photographer, and what is expected of them. I am really looking forward to doing this project as it gives me the chance to learn by assisting a photographer at different stages of their careers. Whilst also putting me out of my comfort zone.

The First time I was involved this year was in assisting project for April in the Third year by being her stylist for her shoot on the 18th of October at Plymouth College of Art, the theme for the shoot was bright bold colour that will make the image pop. The idea of the day was to have six main images she wanted to create and then afterwards we could expand the ideas further from these. The shoot started at 4 and finished at 7, the people involved in the shoot where myself, styling the shoot, April, photographing and producing the shoot, Sandra, assisting and then there was the model and makeup artist. April, Sandra and I arrived at the studio at four to bring all the equipment in and start setting up for the shoot. At 4:30 the model and the makeup artist turned up and April and I went to make sure that both the model and makeup artist were happy and that they knew what look April was trying to create and that they had everything they needed.. At 5:15, April began Shooting and my role was to make sure everything was in place and looked good and help April with anything she create the image she was looking for. .At 6:15 we then went through all the images to make sure April was happy with them and if there was any changes she wanted to make with the lighting, look etc, she then carried on shooting till 7 when April debriefed all of us and the model and makeup artist left, then April, Sandra and I started taking everything down.

Before the shoot started April had given all of us a brief explaining the exact timings of everything and what was expected of us on the day. She also enclosed a mood board so that we all had a clear idea of the images she was trying to produce and a first initial lighting plan for the day. I found that by being given the brief and mood board before the shoot began I had a clear idea of what was expected and what needed to be done and how to help April fully on the day. Overall I had a great time being April’s stylist and learnt how important that pre planning is and would definitely want to do more styling in the future, as well as helping April with more shoots to come. Here are some images April took on the day.

The second time I assisted April in the studio was on the 24th of October at 12. The idea of this shoot was around flowers. April brought a variety of different colours and types of followers to take images with. The plan was to have quite a dewy look on the modes face and the flowers. Before the shoot everyone was given a call sheet so that they had an idea of images April wanted to take and what time to arrive. People who where involved in the shoot where April – photographer, Klaudia – Model, Paige – Makeup artist and me the assistant. April and I arrived at 12 to setup the lighting using the digram April put in the  call sheet. Then art 12:30 the makeup artist and model arrived and the makeup artist started putting makeup on the model. When the makeup was done and the model was changed April started shoot at around 11:15. April then carried on shooting every so often asking my opinion on images or asking me to do stuff. This carried on until 2:15 when we let the model have a break whilst April and I reviewed the images so that we cane decided if anything else needed to be done before the end of the shoot, then at 3 we let the makeup artist and model leave and we packed up all the equipment. I had a great time assisting April on the shoot I had a lot of fun a learnt a lot from the experience. Here are some images from the shoot.

For my first time assisting Holly McGlynn on the first of November we were shooting in London at Studio 101 in Deptford starting at 10. For this assignment we were shooting a fashion editorial for 55 pages magazine. Holly first sent me a Pinterest Mood board for the shoot  in advance so that I had an idea of the theme of the shoot, so I was not working blind  on the day about the images she was trying to create and would be able to start helping straight away. Here are some of the images from the Mood Board.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 14.23.14Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 14.24.20Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 14.24.31Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 14.24.42

Looking at the images you can tell the shoot would be a tailoring story. On the day Holly asked me to do a variety of different tasks, such as helping setup lighting, holding reflectors, helping setup the sets for each of the images, getting lunch for everyone  as well as other various other lighting and photographic related duties. On the day, the people, who were at the shoot where the director, stylist, two stylist assistants, model, the editor of the magazine for some of the day, and of courseHolly and myself. For the day there were 10 different outfits that meant ten different setups. So most of the day I was either helping set up the lighting for the next scene, getting food/drinks, holding reflectors or holding a fan to give the models hair a bit of movement. During the day Holly was very happy for me to ask questions either about the shoot or questions about the industry in general. She was also very happy for me to give any suggestions or ideas about how to pose the model and how to set up the props. I found this very useful as be doing this I felt I was more a part of the team and, that they wanted to hear my ideas and I was not just in the way. The shoot then finished for the day at seven thirty. Looking back at the day I had an amazing time and learnt so much from the experience about what it is like on an actual fashion shoot and what is expected from each of the people involved. By assisting Holly McGlynn it has defiantly not put me off the fashion industry but got me more intrigued and determined to succeed. I also think by assisting on the day not only did I learn a lot, but it also pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me realise that I need to put myself out into the fashion industry either by taking my own pictures or assisting and not just wait until I have finished this degree. One thing I am very happy about is that each time Holly or any of the people involved put up a picture of the shoot on Instagram etc they acknowledged everyone involved. Here are the images from the shoot degree. One thing I am very happy about is that each time Holly or any of the people involved put up a picture of the shoot on Instagram etc they names everyone involved. Here are the images from the shoot

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 15.10.19Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 15.12.11Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 15.12.15Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 15.12.19

The second time I assisted Holly McGlynn was on the 27th of November I was planning on emailing her again saying if she ever wanted me to assist her again on a shoot I would be more than happy to, but before I even thought about emailing her again I got a text message from her asking if I wanted to assist her on the 27th, Though it was short notice as she sent the text the Friday before, I was more than happy to take up the experience and learn more from her. For the shoot we were shooting at Sunset studios in Peckam from 11 to 7. The shoot was for a friend of hers called Padraic Delaney who is an actor from a new TV show called Nightfall. The idea for this shoot was that he needs a variety of different images for the press who want to run features on him when the show starts running. This shoot was very different to the first, but very interesting and I learnt a lot and had fun too, Though during the day there many different outfit changes it was not a fashion shoot and is not the area in photography I am most keen on, however I really enjoyed the day and would be happy to either assist on a shoot like this again or do my own images for an actor. The team of the day consisted of Holly, myself, the actor, hair stylist and stylist. As it was a smaller amount of people for the shoot, the day was more intimate than the first shoot I helped Holly on. During the day I helped setup lighting, hold reflectors (mostly doing the same things I did for the first shoot) Though I was doing similar things for both shoot they were very different atmospheres and themes so I learnt different things. I think the day went really well and I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun form the experience. As well as everyone seemed to be very pleased with all the images that were achieved throughout the day. Here are some of the images from the day

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 16.21.13Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 16.21.28Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 16.21.42

For the final time assisting April in the studio. April decided to use the Kino lights that can change to lots of different colours to give the image a gel lighting effect. When starting this shoot I was really looking forward to using the kino lights as this would be the first time I would be using them outside of the workshop we did. Though we did have some problems using them during the shoot for example making them bright enough to show up on the model and finding the right colour, as we experimented with them we got better and better at using them. The people involved in the shoot where April – photographer, Model – Beth, Makeup artist – Alica and me – Assistant. Again April and I arrived at 5 before the makeup artist and model to setup the lighting and get everything ready, so that when the other arrive we just need to put the makeup on the model and start shooting and when the model and makeup artist arrived at 5:15 we did just that. every thing went very smoothly with the shoot and at 6:15 we reviewed all the images to possibly reshoot some of the images or go for a different look. Then at 7 April debriefed everyone and made sure she got what she wanted and then the model and makeup artist left and April and I took down all the equipment. Overall I think April is very happy with how the shoot went and how we all worked well as a team and got some great images. Here are some images April took on the day.


The final project I did for the professional activities was on the 26th of januray, collaborating with a graphic design student and fashion student to take images of the fashion students garment for her project. The idea for this collaboration was that as part as both the year 2 graphic design and fashion students had to work together to create the fashion students brand i.e. the graphic student would then make business cards, logos and labels for there clothes. they did this with many meeting planning together what the fashions perfect brand would be that represented them. As part of this project the fashion students garment had to be photographed, for this part they asked me if I would like to photograph them, I accepted. The plan for the shoot was that the garment was a blazer and trousers and they wanted to female model to look strong and powerful, which actually falls under a trend I have been looking into for part of my visual trends project (Gritty Woman). On the shoot the graphic design student was acting as the stylist and the fashion student was the client. The brief both students gave me was that it needed to be simple so that it showed off the garment with strong powerful poses that would catch the viewers attention. The shoot started at 9:05 where me and the graphic student met to setup the cove studio and so that the graphic student can give me a final idea of what she wanted for the images before the fashion student and model arrived. At 9:30 the fashion student and model arrived, the model was already changed and makeup done so I showed the model a mood board of ideas i created and a couple of test images and then i began to shoot. the shoot carried on till 10:25 the  we packed up the studio. However during the shoot at certain point I would show both students the images I have taken and if there was anything else they wanted, also during the shoot they would give ideas of posing. I think the shoot went really well we all worked really well as a team and because of this the images looked amazing. I also found that the model was very good and I would defiantly ask to work with her again with one of my own projects. Here are some images from the shoot that I think work best.