Logo Ideas

After deciding on my business name Laura Stobart Photography, I created a mood board and Pinterest board to come up with different Logos that I liked, so that I could get a feel for what I thought worked and what didn’t. By doing this I could then go through and see if there was a certain theme within the logos that I liked and caught my attention. At this stage I picked out quite a number and then I could experiment with them to find my perfect logo. In my mind at the start I want a logo that was simple, clean and not too busy so that people who see my logo do not get distracted from my images. Whilst looking thought my mood board of logos I appear to have adding a lot of logos with circles involved in them.  Initially I was not sure if these logos were attracting me because the circles remind me of a camera lens or if I just liked the patterns.

Looking through all the logos there was one logo that really stood out to me and it was the one below. I liked how the logo was simple and not too busy, but you can still see that the logo is to do with photography and the initials of the photographer are L.E.  This straight away gave you information about the photographer.


I decided that I was going to use this image for inspiration for my own logo. When creating my logo I had to learn how to create one as I had not done anything like this before and I found this difficult as I am a photographer not a graphic designer. Luckily I was able to ask for support from my housemate Lucy who Is a graphic designer to really help me create an amazing Logo. Lucy and I spent a lot of time looking at my mood boards, Pinterest and online so that we could find exactly the effect I was looking for and that we were both on the same page for what I was looking for. Whilst Lucy was helping to create the logos she was always asking for my input to make sure the ones we had created I liked and if not what would I change. I spent time looking at other fashion and portrait photographers, website and business cards to find out what they used for logos. What I found interesting was that nearly every fashion and portrait photographer only used their name in different fonts instead of creating a picture logo.

Here are some websites I looked at:




http://www.arabellashelbourne.co.uk pastedGraphic_3.png


This Worried me that people only used their name in different fonts and colours, so I began to think maybe doing a full on logo would not work with the theme of fashion and portrait photography. But I hoped that what Lucy and I worked to create would be fine.

Here is what Lucy helped create for me

Mood Board of Logos.jpg

Out of these Logos My favourite is the last one because I love the uses of my initials in a circle like the professional logos I had found that inspired me; however my logo is simply coloured black. Looking through all of them I could not help but think there was something missing from the logo and maybe like other fashion photographers I should just have my name in an interesting font. This turned out to be true as when I was doing my formative presentation for this module Jane’s feedback was that though they were nice logos they don’t say high end fashion more adverting and that maybe I should look at just doing my name. This was then reiterated when I went to Rebecca Swift’s second talk about branding and marketing as she said “photographers spend too much time creating logos when they should be taking images instead”.  She explained that using your name in an interesting font would be just as good, as she would not be hiring your logo she would be hiring you. After all this feedback I decided to experiment using my name in interesting fonts.

Here is what I created

Logo ideas .jpg

Out of all the fonts I experimented with, the font that stuck out to me was American Typewriter. I liked this font because it was not too busy and you could easily see my name. I thought It was best to have a simple clean font other than one you can’t really see what the words are, because if you have a too busy font people would not understand what you are trying to sell them. I also thought that though I should have an interesting logo it should not all be about the logo but it should be about my images.

After deciding on my font, I then experimented with different colours I could do my logo in. I tried lots of different colours to really get a feel for the colours I wanted to be attached to my brand. However after again looking at other fashion and portrait photographers they all seemed to use black. This made me reconsider using a coloured logo as it would possibly distract from my images? After some reflection and experimenting with changing the colours of my logo, I decided to use black like other photographers with in my area.

Logo colour.jpg

The logo I produced I believe creates the effect I am after, It is simple but I don’t want to distract my viewers with something they will spend more time looking at than my images. As Rebecca Swift explained she would not be hiring you for your logo but for you and your images, therefore a complicated and complex logo is not required.

Below is my final logo