Insurance/Public Liability/ Media law and ethics

 What is insurance? 

In Insurance is a valuable product to have. By buying insurance on certain things such as on your home and precious valuables you will be covered by your insurance if damage or theft might happen to your things. If one of these things happens to your stuff you would then contact your insurance and they will give you money so that you could buy a new one or be compensated. For insurance and depending on how your insurance policy you pay a certain amount of money per month, so that you will be compensated if something does get damaged. Though there are many different types of insurance, one type of insurance that is important to me and my career is camera and equipment insurance. It is very important to cover your camera and camera equipment because photography equipment is very expensive and the value can easily build up into hundreds of pounds. 

 Since starting university I have had insurance on all my equipment. This cover means I can relax when using my equipment and not worrying about breaking and it being stolen. However, for this project I decided to have a look at other insurance companies so that I can see if I am getting a good price the insurance companies I looked at are:

   Eversure Insurance 

   Back Me UP  

   Protect your bubble 


   Trusted Insurance

   Multio Gadget 

   Help U cover 

   Simple surance

   E&L Insurance 

 There are many different types of insurance out there but these were the one that worked best for the equipment I have. After reviewing my insurance and the prices of these insurances I worked out that the best price and insurance that covers me the best is mine. So, after this research, I have decided to stay with the insurance I already have.

What Is public Liability insurance?

 Public liability insurance is a system that protects the insured from the risk of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims. This protects the insured in event of being sued for claims within the coverage of the insurance policy. This is a very important insurance to have in the industry as it will cover you from people trying to sue you. The main parts of this insurance are:

   The duty to defend 

   The duty to indemnify 

   The duty to settle a reasonable clear claim 

   Defend the insured unconditionally 

   Defend the insured under reservation of rights 

   Seek a declaratory judgment that it has no duty to defend the claim or 

   Decline to defend or to seek a declaratory judgement 

 When working in the industry I need to make sure I am covered for all of these. Though I will not be getting this insurance yet as I will probably not be working in the industry for a while, but it is good to understand about the liability insurance so that when starting my career I know what Insurance I need to buy. 

 Some companies that sell liability insurance that I looked at so that I could understand the insurance and so the average price where:

   Compeer the Market 


   Money Supermarket 

   Simply Business 

 What is Media Law and ethics?

 Media Law is the development of areas of practice dealing with the specific ethical principles and standards of media such as covering broadcasting, photography, Music, Film, publishing and adverting and marketing and the internet. The fields cover many different controversial topics like Benetton ad campaigns and War Journalism. One Media ethics issue that is talked about a lot are journalism ethics and standards. This is because it is one of the most well-known and defined branches of media ethics – primarily because it is frequently taught as examples in universities. Some of the most talked about topics are:

    News Manipulation 

   Public Interest 

   Conflict with the law 




 Media law primarily affects publishers and journalists. But since media and social media have grown over the years media law can effect anyone. Restaurants may sue people who post bad reviews online and websites might be forced to remove content that violates its terms of service. Some terms I looked at when researching media law where: 

    Freedom of Speech – This is the right to express information, opinions, ideas free of the government restrictions. Freedom of speech is normally used for newspapers and the news. 

   Copyright – This is the exclusive rights to your own work and right to reproduce and distribute it. This means that no one but you who created the material have the rights to reproduce it and people who steal it could fall under the rights of copyright. 

   Censorship -The act of suppressing all or some of someone’s creative work

   Prior Restraint – The governmental review and suppression of speech before the expression of speech actually takes place; usually unconstitutional 

 When looking into the media ethics I decided to look at one ethics conversations going on at the moment in the world of media. The topic is about photographs taken by Nathan Weber, this series of images is about a girl called Fabienne Cherisma. This controversial series of images shows new insight into the world of photo journalism. In this series Nathan Weber takes two images one showing the picture of the dead girl and looks untouched by the photographer and the other the same image of the girl but showing the other photographers trying to take the same picture at the same time.  Showing both these perspectives caused quite a stir in the media as some people were upset with unemotional responses of the photographers whilst others found it interesting and intriguing to see the truth behind the original image. There is a lot of discussion about these images saying is it right for all those photographer to stand over the dead girls body without trying to help or is it fine? In the media these types of images are taken every day and is part of the public’s right to see these images. Should these types of images be allowed? When looking at these two images, I get a haunting feeling – that nobody in the area during the time of the shooting didn’t have the instinct to help Fabienne or to even see if she was alive. The locals’ initial response was to loot her as they were in such a state of need they did not care who they took it from. But what about the photojournalists? They all immediately got their cameras to take photos of this dead lifeless body in the street being searched by strangers before a single person from her family has even arrived. I think that it is good to see both sides to really get an understanding of the background to images we see every day.