Ideas for my Photography Business Name

When starting the project of professional practice. The first thing I decided to do was to decide what I am going to call myself as this will then help me to think of logo ideas, business card designs or my colour theme. Until I have a business name, it will be difficult to move forward with the other aspects of professional practice.  Initially I could not decide on the right name to use, I went through the following thought process. Do I go with something really unique? Do I go with something that is important to me and means something to me? Or do I go with my name?

I decided that my business name, need to be easy to spell and type in quickly without people making mistakes. But also, a name that would promote my photography business in a good light and people would know it’s my business straight away. Whether I use my name or use a unique style, Initially, I was not sure which angle to use and explore.

I started to write down names that I thought could work for my business, so that I could experiment with how they looked on paper and if they stood out or are easy to say. Below are the names I came up with:

  • Laura Stobart Photography
  • Laura A Stobart Photography
  • L Stobart Photography
  • Laura A S Photography
  • Laura S Studios
  • Laura Studios
  • Laura’s Photo Studio
  • Laura Stobart photo
  • Laura S Photo
  • L Stobart Photo
  • L Ann’s Photography
  • Laura Ann’s Photography
  • Bright Lake Photography
  • Bright Photography
  • Lake Photography
  • Moonlight lake photography
  • Moment Photography
  • Photography Moments
  • Click and Shoot Photography
  • True Beauty Photography
  • Shrug and pose photography
  • Fashion pose photography
  • For fashion
  • For fashion Photography
  • Stylish fashion photography

Whilst think of names I could use I also researched on the internet for suggestions of names and also  talked to other business people about what they would recommend would work best. Here is what people suggested:

  • Go for simple, it will be easier for people to remember
  • Add humour or rhyming to you name  as it could help you stand out, but make sure you don’t overdo this, as you want people to take you seriously
  •   Using your name might be generic, but it works well
  • keeping a name that tells your clients what your specialise in is very important as it will tell your clients, customers and hiring agencies etc. what type of photographer you are
  • Also add terms that everyone knows stands for photography

After writing down all the ideas for my name and spending a lot of time thinking about what would work best and what would not work as well I narrowed it down to these names

  • Laura Stobart photography
  • Laura Studios
  • Laura Ann Photography
  • Bright lake Photography

After I narrowed down the business names I then began to show them to people to get their opinion. The name that stuck out to everyone was Laura Stobart Photography. Everyone seemed to like this name, as people then straightaway knew who I and what I do without having to do any detailed research. Though I do like this name I am not sure if it will be too generic as so many people use their names. Another name that stuck out to people was Laura Studio as the s in the studios stood for my last name as well as studios. However, some people said they were confused about me using studio as I don’t have one and this could confuse people. But also, if I did not have my last name in the title they would not know that my name was Stobart and that the s stood for both studios and my last name. So, I decide to not use this as my business name.

Thinking long and hard about all the names I could use and after the second talk with Rebeca Swift, where she stated you should use your name as they are hiring you not your brand, and it shows individuality, I decided to go with my initial idea of using Laura Stobart Photography.

Now that I have the name of my brand and business I now need to come up with a logo, businesses card, website and a social media presence that will go with my brand and represent how I want to present myself in the industry.