Business Cards

When creating my business cards I decided to make them on Moo as It seemed to have a variety of different styles of templates that you could use or you could create the business card from scratch. By having both these options I thought It would mean that I could experiment more on what I wanted my business card to look like. For this project I spent a long time on the business cards ensuring that the business cards I came up with would represent me and my brand.

When starting this project I was unsure of what information I wanted on my business card, did I want a picture of my own on my business cards and what colours did I want to use? When designing business cards I made 7 completely different ones that I liked. I have decided not to buy any business cards yet as I am not completely sure which direction I want to go in, though I do have a favourite business card out of the ones I have created, I still think I can improve this further when I understand my brand more. I don’t want to spend money on business cards that I am not completely sure about and therefore would not be happy to hand out to people. So after this project I am still going to experiment with business cards to find the perfect one. That represents my business in the best way.

When making the cards the first idea I came up with was the one below the front on the right the back on the left. I like the front of the card thought the initials do cover up the picture a bit. However the back of the card I am not sure about I think it looks unprofessional.

For my second attempt I decided not to add a picture of mine to the card and just have an interesting front cover and then my details at the back. For this card I think I have gone too simple as you would not know I am a photographer, if it didn’t say on the card. This I think means people would not be attracted to the card and move quickly on to someone else that is more appealing. I think your cards have to show some of your personality to stand out and make people want to buy your services.

For my third attempt of the cards I decided to try having an image and the initials on the front of the card,however this does not work because it hides to much of the picture and the writing on the front does not show up enough. So I then tried to add a different background though I think it looks interesting again it does not indicate that I do photography and looking back at the card now I don’t think the information side works either.

For this attempt I decided to try and use gold foil to add a more expensive and professional look to it. On the back I decided to add an image and the information, so that I would have everything from the professional look I want to the information about me and the images. Looking at this now I don’t like it as there is something about it that makes it look messy and  I would need to spend longer on getting this right.



I decided to use the gold foil idea again as I think it could look great. Looking at my final idea for this card I think I am finally getting closer to my final idea, I like how the information page is laid out and that it look professional. I am not sure about the front though I like the circle because it could stand for the camera lens I feel like I should have a picture of mine in somewhere on the card.

I really like the look of this card I like the front and the back I think it looks professional, simple and smart and I think I would of use this card if I didn’t’ think  that it was missing an image from the front. However I think if I added an image to the front of this design it would not work as I would have to take of my name from the front and then I think it will look wrong.


This is my favourite card I created so far I love how the information page is laid out and I like how the image on the font is covered by the gold foil and how I have matched the colour of the information page to the colour of part of the garment on the model. I showed this card to Jane and she thought that though it looks interesting the gold foil on the front is detracting the viewers from the image. This struck me because I really liked the card and I was ready to use it, but after talking to Jane I think she is right and the gold foil is a little distracting.



I have decided to use this card for this project for my final idea, though I have not had time to buy it as I don’t want to make the investment until I am completely happy wit the design. I think after this project is completed I need to spend some more time looking at this card and experimenting with it. I also think it might be a good idea if I start creating other card ideas as well to show more of a variety so that I will be completely happy with my final one I produce as I  will know it  is the best one out there and shows off my brand the best.

Overall I am happy with how the business card looks so far and I can only expand the idea as the year carries on to get the perfect card to go with my brand.