Studio Shoot 5 (Media studio blue background 2) Evaluation

My favourite shoot I have done so far was the first time I used the blue background. So I decided to use the blue background again and experiment and refine my techniques even further. This time though I decided to use two models as I have never really experimented with using two modes with a shoot before. I was going to ask the girl I used for the first shoot again however I decided against it because I wanted to try as many different models as I could. When shopping for the clothes for this shoot I decided to get two outfits per model. One outfit would be the same: a yellow top and either orange tights or orange trousers; and the other outfit would be the same shirt but in different colour. I decided to get blue and red tops and they will still wear the same bottoms. During the process of researching I looked at Guy Bourdin and how he lights and structures all his images. This helped me with the type of clothing and lighting I would need to make sure it followed the theme of colour surge.

Before starting the shoot, my plan had been to start shooting both the models together straight away but, when they arrived, they both seemed very shy and nervous so I decided to shoot the model separately to begin with and then bring them together towards the end. The first model was the most comfortable in front of a camera, whereas the other model I think looks very stiff, awkward and uncomfortable. They both began to relax by the end and I did get some great images. They needed a lot of direction and wouldn’t move at all until told and so I wonder if I had better models I might of gotten even better images. I also decided not to do the same lighting setup as when I did the first shoot and so see which lighting worked best. This was a mistake as the lighting does not seem to work on these images particularly well. The lighting equipment also seemed to be broken because I would take one image and the lighting would be fine and then the next one the lighting would not go off or only one of them would. I don’t know why this is because I had all the settings on the lights to match my sky port and the ERC did not seem to know what was wrong either. Though the models I used where inexperienced I think if I used them again they would be a lot happier in front of the camera and understand what to do.

This Shoot did not go exactly to plan, Particularly because the lighting, so there are quite a few images that I am not happy with. Every shoot is an opportunity to learn and so I know the next shoot will go better. Here are images I don’t think work


Though many of the images did not turn out exactly how I wanted, there are a few I do like and I think I will be able to find a final image from this shoot. Here are some of the images I do think work because of the angles and the Photoshop editing I have done to really bring out the colour of the clothing, makeup and background.



I don’t think I am going to use a blue background again as I have used it twice now. I want to experiment with other colours or locations to further expand on colour surge. However, I am going to use two models again but try to pick people who have some experience. If doing this shoot again I would also make sure I leave more time at the beginning of the shoot, so that if any of the equipment does fail I have time to sort it out.

Here are my final images

Looking back, whilst there where plenty of ‘challenges’, I did enjoy myself and got some great images and I am very happy with my final results. I think the whole team worked really well together and though they are not the best models I have ever had, I am very grateful that they agreed to help me on this shoot and I would definitely use them again, so they can get more experience. I also hope they had a fun experience and enjoy it more the next time. For my next shoot, I want to try shooting children – something I’ve never tried before – so this next shoot will be a steep learning curve.