Statement of Intent for Visual Trends Part 2

For Part 2 of this assignment we are asked to reflect on the research from Part 1 and pick either a new trend or carry out expanding our ideas of the first trend we looked at. We do this by creating a photo story consisting of 6-9 images following this trend. To go with this photo story, we will also write a 1000-1200 word easy exploring any of the key topics and debates around the commercial photography industry and the trend we pick. The essay will also be part of our context of practice project. Starting this project, I think I am going to look into a different trend instead of carrying on with the trend colour surge so that I can expand my ideas, thinking and techniques. This trend will be gritty Woman.

I plan to do one or more photo stores following the trend of gritty women. My idea for the moment is not to follow the typical look of a Gritty women i.e. mud, blood sweat on her but do it with a more sophisticated look and style to it. The way I am thinking of doing this is by having the model dressed in business wear. This will show a new type of gritty women, one you don’t see often when doing a google search on the trend. I want to show that women are powerful and strong no matter who they are. When taking these images, I need to make sure the model is the main focus and has a powerful and strong look to her, maybe even have the camera looking up at the model and none from above or directly on the model to make the model look like she is in charge.

When starting my research for this project I found a blog that I though was very useful. The link is The blog showed a model wearing a business outfit in a photo story type way similar to how I want to shoot my images. I will definitely be using this blog for inspiration when styling and shooting my images.

After taking the images and writing the photo story, we then have to make a article on InDesign using both. I am very apprehensive about this as I don’t hve much experience of using InDesign but look forward to the challenge.

Overall, I am looking forward to starting Part 2 and taking more images following a different trends whilst also expanding skills and knowledge.