Overall evaluation of Visual Trends Project

Looking back at the entirety of the Visual Trends assignment, whether the research, the images,  following the trend colour surge, or the photo story,  I have had a great time experimenting with in this brief and would love to continue do more in my personal time. Through this project I have researched into the fashion and portrait industry to see if this is the industry I want to look work in after leaving university. Doing this research alongside the images I have taken I have realised this is the industry I want to go into because it is the type of imagery I love taking and also I think I automatically shoot fashion or portrait imagery. I hope as I move on from this project my love for both subjects carry on and it is shown in my future work.

After doing the research into the trends and the industry for part 1, I then did a total of nine shoots. Looking through the shoots I think you can tell I have experimented and developed my skills and techniques with each shoot. I started off not knowing how to follow the trend of Colour Surge but now I believe I know how to capture the trend in an image. I think looking back at my first shoot in Dartmoor I did not get the clothing or the backdrop right so they aren’t really colour surge, but after those mistakes I learnt and moved forward to create better images. Looking at all my shoots from Part 1, I am very happy with how I have progressed and I am very pleased with my nine final images. I think that each of the nine images show my artistic and technical progress since last year and all follow the trend of colour surge well.

Looking back at part 2 and the photo story I am very pleased with how both of the shoots turned out. I think the two shoots are very different: one looking clean and high end; whilst the other still high end has a grudge,  messy look to them. Looking at both shoots I think I was able to capture the trend of gritty women really well and make sure the model looked powerful and strong throughout. I am very happy with how my photo story and writing work well together. Though I think I could of spent some more time getting the article perfect I unfortunately ran out of time. This was also the first time making a magazine on InDesign since last year and though I think I have improved I do need to practice my skills more for it to be at a professional standard. But overall, I am happy with the images and writing and how I have at least tried my best to create the magazine indesign.

I have enjoyed this assignment and have learnt lots from the experience. I think that my favourite part of part 1 has to be the first blue shoot as I think the images look great and I have managed to style and pose the model well. My favourite part of part 2 was the shoot I did on location – I love the look of this shoot and I think it really screams gritty Woman. Yet saying this I have enjoyed learning more skills and developing old ones and as this year moves forward I only hope to learn more. I think that looking back at last year and this project, this project has definitely inspired me and has taken me out of my comfort zone to try new ideas and be more confident with my own work more than I was last year. This has been my favourite project since starting this course.

If I was to do this project again I think I would try to shoot once a week as, by doing this, I think my final images would be even stronger and would show even more development. I would also do another on location shoot because I feel more comfortable in the studio, so pushing myself to do this I think would be great fun. I think many things went right on this project and I have enjoyed doing it . By the end of this project my styling of the models has grown and I understand that for a shoot to work I have to go out and buy the clothing and not rely on the model to bring them. I think I should of used a male model and though finding any different model is hard I need to learn how to pose male models and not just females.

Overall, I am very happy with my nine final images and my photo story and so I am looking forward to the next project so I can use the skills I have learnt and also develop them further.