Evaluation of Visual Trends Part 2

For part two of this project we were asked to take a series of six to nine images following one of the Getty image trends. I chose Gritty women. As part of this project we had to write a 1000-1200 word essay about a topic or debate in this trend and then put both into InDesign and create a magazine. After completing both these tasks I am very happy with the outcome of my final 8 images and my writing. I think that my 8 image photo story works really well with the writing to create a series of strong powerful images that follow the trend gritty women: using women in business wear instead of blood, mud or sweat covering the model. The subject to accompany the photo essay is about “power dressing then and now”. This piece gives an insight on how women have to dress a certain way to be taken seriously in the work place. I am pleased with how this writing has turned out and I think it works well with the photo story.

The first shoot was on location. I decided to go to a series of different locations to show off the business wear and powerful poses. The locations I picked for this shoot was:

  • the top of a carpark
  • a lift and red sofa
  • underground walk way
  • metal garage door

By taking the model to a series of location, instead of one, means the images tell more of a story than if we had stayed in one location.

The second shoot was in the cove studio meaning I have experimented with both on location and studio for part 2 of this assignment. For this shoot I had one outfit and just focused on the poses so that the main focus is on the modes face. By doing this I had more time to challenge myself with the types of positioning and poses I wanted her to do without needing to worry about the model needing to change. I think this shoot showed more of a high-end fashion editorial as it was very clean and perfect lighting, whilst the other was more of just an editorial style for a magazine such as Dazed. Here are some of the images form the shoot that I think turned out well



After both shoots I decided that the images to accompany the writing would be the first shoot I did for this project. This is because I think the first set of images stand out more and I think show off the trend of gritty women the best. I feel they show the model dressed formally in interesting and somewhat messy and untamed areas. I think the first shoot also shows a variety of different clothing and poses better than the second shoot does. Here are the final images for the photo story.


Looking back at both shoots I wish I had time to do two more shoots so that I could spend even more time to expand my ideas for gritty women and how best to take a photo story on location and in the studio. I think that by doing this my skills would of improved again and I would of got a series of even higher quality images. I think if I was to do this project again as well as doing two more shoots I would of spent more time coming up with stronger poses so that I had a couple more to start with that would catch the viewers attention. I would also spent more time creating my magazine to make sure that both the image and writing stand together and create more overall impact. Although not everything when perfectly on the project there was plenty of things that went right, such as getting a great series of images for both this project and my portfolio, expanding my knowledge on how best to take a series of images in an editorial like style, learning more about the gritty woman trend and how best to pose a model in certain situations to really get your point across.

To conclude, I am very pleased with how it went and I have learnt lots form the experience. I also think that it has taken me further out of my comfort zone and reassured me that fashion and portrait photography is the industry I want to go in after leaving university.