Evaluation of Visual Trends Part 1

For the project of Visual Trends Part 1 we were asked to research into the industry you would like to work in. For this research I decided to explore fashion and portrait photography. Why? Because,  as this project has moved forward, my thinking of just being a fashion photographer has grown and now I am looking about both as subject areas. As well researching both industries, I also looked at trends going on in each as well as the most talked about topics. Alongside the research, we were also asked to research the Getty image trends and then pick one or more trends to produce a minimum of six images taken from six different shoots. I picked the Getty Images trend Colour surge. After completing all the research and experimental work for this assignment, I have selected my four final images which I think are the perfect representation of the trend in an experimental and unique way in both the studio and on location.

I am so glad we got the project of Visual trends at the start of our second year. I have learnt so much about myself as a photographer and I think this project moved forward my skills and excitement to experiment with new techniques and ideas. This assignment has given me the chance to experiment and learn more about both fashion and portrait photography. I also got to learn about a variety of different photographers such as Ash Kingston and Kirsty Mitchell and I was able to experiment using their techniques to improve and refine my own style . I also loved learning about the different trends and how each year they move forward and inspire people around the world to take amazing images.

Looking back at all nine of my shoots, I think you can see how I have improved and developed and moved forward from each shoot to make then next one better. I have learnt from my mistakes and made maximum use of every learning opportunity. This can be seen through the improvement in my contact sheets from each shoot and then final images. I am really happy with how my final images have turned out. I also think that by me doing this project it has also raised my confidence in my own work and that I should be proud of the images I have taken.

Out of all of my final images, my favourite image has to be the one below. I love this image because I think it shows off the trend of colour surge in a great light, but I also think the posing and the outfit of the model all works well together to create an overall great image. I also think this is my favourite shoot because I relaxed and really enjoyed shooting and I think this is when everything clicked and I understood how to make an image follow the colour surge trend. Though saying this I had a great time on every shoot and enjoyed all of them for different reasons.


If I was to do this project again I think I would find the time to do even more shoots so that I could experiment even further with each of the ideas. I hope that the next project that involves taking images goes as well as this one. Another thing I would do differently would be to spend more time researching more photographers and go into more depth in the world of fashion and portrait photography.

I learnt a lot form each of the shoots and I am proud that I experiment and tried things that were out of my comfort zone and I am very happy with all nine of my final images.

Overall I think I have fully met the assignment brief, completed everything the assignment was asking for and enjoyed challenging my own thought process and experimenting with different techniques that are out of my comfort zone. Overall I had a great time taking the images.