Part 2 shoot 2 Cove Studio 

Gritty Woman 

Date and Time of shoot 

26th of January 9:05-10:25

Location Plymouth college of art (Cove Studio)

Team List 

  • Photographer – Laura Stobart
  • Model – Fion Davies
  • Stylist – Charlotte Johnstone
  • Designer, Producer – Jennifer Claire Moorby

The plan for this shoot is to shoot Jennifer’s garment’s under the trend of Gritty Women. Jennifer has asked for the images to capture the garments in their best light using a white background that can then be taken into Photoshop if needed to change the colour of the background. She wants all the poses to be strong and powerful and she also wants some obscure looking poses that will make the viewers question the image. Jennifer has asked for four different types of shot in particular as well as any other ideas I come up with:

  • Full-length
  • Details shots
  • Portrait
  • Quarter-Length

Here is image of the clothing


Call Sheet 

  • 9:05 – Charlotte and I arrive to setup the lights
  • 9:15 – Designer and model arrive (Model already changed and makeup done)
  • 9:20 – Brief everyone on idea of shoot to make sure everyone is on the same page
  • 9:30- Start Shooting
  • 10:00 – Review images so far – make sure designer and stylist are happy. (see if they have any ideas)
  • 10:05 – Start shooting again
  • 10:15 – Designer, model leave
  • 10:20 – Pack away lighting
  • 10:25 – wrap up of shoot


  • Camera 5D Mark IV
  • Lens 24-105mm
  • Lens 85mm
  • Reflector
  • Two Soft Boxes
  • four lights

Lighting Diagram 

Part 2 Cove studio Gritty Womanlighting-diagram-1517153119.jpg

 This lighting diagram shows my initial idea for setting up the lighting, but on the day this could change depending on what the designer wants from the images and also how best to light the model.

Mood Board 

     Here are some ideas for positioning and poses for the model to do on the shoot to make her look strong and powerful. I may need to think about keeping the camera low so that the model is looking down in some of the images as this will make the model look more in control. I also need to make sure I capture the garment in the right light as the garment is the main focus of the shoot.