Part 2 Shoot 1 On location 

Gritty Woman 

Date and Time of shoot 

20th of January 10:00-13:00

Location – Around Plymouth City Centre

Meet – Plymouth College of Art

Team List 

Photographer, Producer, Stylist – Laura Stobart

Model – Caitlin Chan

Makeup Artist – Caitlin Chan

Assistant – Sandra A. Doku

The idea of this shoot was to follow the trend of Gritty Women. This means that during the shoot I need strong powerful poses that will capture the audience’s attention. For the shoot I have four different locations:

  • Top of the carpark by PCA
  • Underground walk way
  • Metal garage door
  • PCA lift + red sofa

I have decided to dress the model in business wear as that is how I want to portray the model as a powerful strong business women. I will have two different outfits with a variety of different accessories.

Call sheet 

  • 9:45 – Sandra and I meet at Plymouth college of art and go through the itinerary of the day
  • 10:00 – Model arrives and gets changed into first outfit
  • 10:15 – Walk to the first Location
  • 10:20 – Start shooting (Remember strong poses)
  • 11:00 – Review images so far
  • 11:10 – Change outfit
  • 11:30 – Change location
  • 11: 50 – Review images
  • 11:55 – Change outfit
  • 12:00 – Change Location
  • 12:30 – Review Images
  • 12:35 – Change location
  • 12:55 – Review images
  • 13:00 – Wrap up of Shoot


  • Camera 5D Mark IV
  • Lens 24-105mm
  • Lens 85mm
  • Flash
  • Reflector

Lighting diagram  

Part 2 Gritty Woman lighting-diagram-1517151243.jpg

This lighting diagram shows the equipment I am planning on using and also the direction I plan to use the reflector if the weather is either bad or the light poor. However, this diagram could change depending on the weather and the positioning on the model

Mood Board 

     I need to make sure that when shooting I have the right positioning of my camera so that the model looks in control and powerful. I also need to make sure I have the right environment and clothing to go with the theme of Gritty Women. Here are some images I am going to look at for inspiration whilst on the shoot to help me come up with ideas of posing and environment to use.