Studio Shoot 4 (Commercial Room with Red Background) Evaluation

When deciding what background to use for this project, I could not decide if I should use a light pick or a red colour. But after looking at the variety of colour rolls the commercial room had available and the types of clothing I wanted to use I decided to use the red background. When I went shopping for the clothes for the shoot, I wanted one full, all red outfit, so I got red shoes, red jacket and red trousers. The second outfit I wanted a colour that would really contrast with the red background and that better colour than Blue; so I then put the model in a blue top, blue skirt, orange tights and red statement earring to make these images really clash. I always find it very hard trying to find the right clothing for the shoot on a tight budget whilst trying to follow the trend of colour surge. I always have a mental picture of how I want the shoot and clothes to look and I can never find the right clothes from my vision. So, as I find vibrant clothing in the shop I have to create new ideas.

When finding a model for this shoot I did not want a typical skinny model similar to the ones I have been using for all of my shoots so far. I wanted to use a plus size model, as if you look in fashion magazines at the moment more and more plus size models are being used. This shoot went really well although it took some time to get the lighting setup but other than that the makeup artist did a great job and, when shooting the model, I found she needed little direction she had done modelling before and was not as stiff as other models I have used for this assessment.

For the shoot I tried a variety of different camera angles, poses, full length and portrait images. Looking at all the images for the shoot I would have to say that my favourite outfit was the blue one and I think it contrasts well with the red background. I am not sure why I don’t like the red outfit as much, there is something just not quite right with the red on red. This maybe because they are different shades of red, or it’s not something you see every day in a fashion shoot. Using the commercial room is also one of my least favourite place to shoot because, when there are two shoots going on at the same time, all the equipment is up, it’s very tight and there are lots of trip hazards.

During any shoot, there are always images that do not work: sometimes the light does not fall on the model quite right; models eyes are closed; the images is blurry; or the positioning of the model was not right. These images below I would change if I did this shoot again, because they let down the other images I have taken during the shoot. But, as I have said before, not all the images will work in  a shoot because you then learn from those mistakes and experiment more until you get the perfect image.

464A1769.jpg464A1771.jpg464A1772.jpg 464A1773.jpg

Looking at the images from this shoot there are so many images that I like with both outfits and it is going to be very hard for me to pick just one final image from this series. However, I have slowly started to narrow down the images for this shoot. Here are some of the images I think worked really well.

464A1797.jpg 464A2020.jpg

If I was to do this shoot again I would have a couple more outfits in a variety of different colours to really experiment and expand my idea with the red background. I also think I would send the model some more images of ideas of poses I was planning on using for the shoot, as I feel if she had a little more direction the posing on the images would not look so similar. Doing this shoot again I would also do some more lower down angles as I don’t think I experimented enough with these angles and I think if I did I would have got some more great images.

Here is my final image of the shoot. I love the movement of the model and how the clothes clash really well together. I think the image really stands out and follows the theme of colour surge.


To conclude this shoot. I am very pleased with how it went and I am happy that I tried a different coloured background. Overall, I think the whole team worked really well together and I would definitely use this model again. I also think that the images follow the theme of colour surge well and I am very happy with my final image.