Studio Shoot 2 (Media studio Yellow background) Evaluation

For my first shoot in media studio I decided that after the last two shoots that I would try and make this shoot follow the theme of colour surge by clashing together clothes and patterns you might not always see. I thought by doing this there would be some striking images that will stand out and scream colour surge, to the people who see them. I thought using a yellow background would be a great colour to use for my first time really experimenting with the theme as its one of the main colours that seems to be used throughout the trend. I knew that lighting a yellow background would probably be difficult as I have not done much shooting on a yellow background before. So Before the shoot I did some research on the best way to light coloured backgrounds.

Looking back at the shoot I found it very hard to light the yellow background and if I had not done any research before hand on how to light coloured backgrounds the images might not of turned out as well as they did. Though the images were not lit to perfection I am pleased with how the shoot went and I think I got some great images that would make the viewers question the images. During the shoot I experimented and tired out some bold solid colours as well as coloured patterns to try and get a feel for the best way to show the theme of colour surge. Looking through the images I now know that using solid colours are better because they work best with a one coloured background. Maybe if I had a textured background using patterns would of worked. The model I used for this shoot though very good and had the look and clothes I wanted for this shoot, she needed more help with the types of poses, positioning and directions to look at. This meant that the shoot did not go as flowingly and maybe not as strong as the images I took in the cove studio. However some of these images defiantly work for the theme of colour surge and I am sure I will find one image that will really stand out. Thought the shoot I did a mixture of full-length and portrait images as I want to experiment with doing both fashion and portrait images. One thing that annoyed me about doing full length images is that there was a dark line where the colour roll curved, I tried many different different ways to try and get rid of the line. But any of the lighting setups I did, did not seem to work.

Talking to Gem about the images she agreed with me that the textures did not work well and that none of those images seemed to work. Gem also said that she did not think the colours of the bold colours did not work with the background. So after the talk with Gem I decided to look through all the images and edit the images to change either the background colour or the colour of the clothing. One images I edited was the one below, there is something about the image that intrigues me and keeps me looking at the image, but I do think I might of over edited the image.


The contact sheets from the shoot really gave me an insight on the images that worked and didn’t. Some images from the shoot I don’t this worked because maybe the exposure was not right on the camera, the clothing did not work with the background, posing was not right or the images where not completely sharp.


Thought Gem said she does not think any of the images work I think with a little bit of photoshop, there are some images that will work with out changing the colour of the clothing or background, though I do know that there are some that might need a lot of photoshop to make them follow the trend of Colour Surge. Here is an image I think work with out much photoshop.


If I was to do this shoot again I would Maybe leave a bit more time in the beginning to go through with the model the types of posing I wanted from her and maybe even shown her my mood boards of ideas before as well. I think in the posing she was a bit stiff because she did not know the types of posing I wanted from her and that it was ok to more more freely, though I did mention it to her in the shoot. Next time I would also leave even more time to setup the lighting as I think If I did the lighting again I might be able to get it to near perfect, but because at the beginning of the shoot I spent so much time setting up and trying to get the lighting perfect and without the line running through the background I started to run out of time to shoot the model, so in the end I had to leave the line and focus on shooting the model and hope I could fix the line in photoshop.

After looking through all the images from the shoot and doing so editing on the images I found one image that really stood out to me. For the images I cropped it down so you can only see the yellow background, the models hair and lips and the jacket she is wearing. Taking Gems advised I decided to change the colour of the jacket to try and match it to the background colour better. By changing this and making the lips more pink I think I have an image I am very pleased with and when Rebecca Swift from Getty images came to first she seemed to like the images a lot too. So I have decided to use it as one on my final images.


To Conclude though there was lots that went wrong on the shoot I had a lot of fun shooting the images and I had a great tine with the model and would defiantly use her again, as I think next time she might be more relaxed in front of the camera. I also think from this experience I can only learn, experiment and be more knowledgeable for when it comes to the next shoot, and hopefully be more prepared.