Studio Shoot 1 (Cove studio) Evaluation

For my shoot in the cove studio my plan was to follow the Getty image theme of Colour surge. The idea of this shoot was to use a white background and have the model in bright bold makeup and do half the shoot with colourful clothing and the other half in whites and greys. I wanted to do it like this to show the process of colour surge and slowly experiment with using colour than just throwing myself straight in.

I really enjoyed the shoot and I have got some great images. I think during the shoot I really explored the idea of different posing, camera angles, use of props and distance of the camera from the model. The model I used for this shoot was fantastic she was comfortable in front of the camera and you could tell she had done modelling before as she wasn’t stiff and unrelaxed she moved around a lot and worked with me to come up with some outstanding posing’s. I would defiantly use her again weather its’s for this project or another, I think we got on well and worked well together, which meant it was not uncomfortable and awkward throughout the shoot. Another part of the shoot I think went really well is having a makeup artist come in and do the makeup, the makeup looks so bold and outrageous and professional that it really stands out in the images. If I had done the makeup myself on the model it would not have looked that great and the images might not have worked as well as they did.

However, after talking to Gem she said I should not have done it like this and just of thrown myself in to the theme of colour surge and just experiment with colour and what works and what doesn’t with each shoot I do. Because of this I decided to Photoshop my favourite image from the shoot and change the colour of the background to yellow to really make the image stand out. Thinking about the shoot now I wish I did just throw myself In as I have done lots of research into colour Surge and looked at lots of images in the theme and I think I would have had a strong idea on the types of images I would have needed to of taken, and just experimented with bold clashing colours. For this shoot I feel like I was not pushing myself out of my comfort zone instead just starting off safe and just hoping I got some images that follow the Colour surge. I know from now on I am going to push myself to experiment even if I have never done it before. Not everything is going to go right all the time.

Though the model, makeup artist, assistant, stylist and me all work well together, there are always some images that don’t turn out well. This could because the exposure is not right the positioning of the model or the camera angle I was using. But in any shoot there are going to be images that don’t work and you just need to learn from those mistakes and keep on experiment. Here are some images I think did not work

The images above are some of the images I do not like from the shoot because of many reason such as:

  • Angel I shoot the image
  • Too much flower petals on the floor
  • image not sharp enough
  • Not the right posing
  • Did not crop in enough when shooting the image
  • the image as whole does not work

Though the images below do not follow the trend of colour surge these are some of my favourite images I took on the day as the lightning was perfectly lit, I like the posing of the model and I think they stand out and look unique to other images out there.


here is my favourite images because:

  • I love how the model has been posed
  • the model is looking right into the camera.
  • Flowers in the image make it look different
  • the lighting
  • I think the image a whole really work well together

If I was to do this shoot again I would of used a colour background, maybe yellow and more colourful clothing as for this shoot I relied on the model to bring the clothing which meant I did not get the perfect clothing for this shoot. As she brought a lot of muted colours which does not work with this trend. However, though these images do not work for colour surge I really like them and I think its one of my favourite shoots I have done in a while, so  I think I can use these images in my portfolio even though they do not work for colour surge.

After talking to Gem and editing the images to change the colour of the background from white to yellow the images look a lot better and follow the trend of colour surge. So though the images did not work initially after editing them I have found one of my final images.

464A0795 2.jpg

Overall I am please I did this shoot as I have learnt a lot and was able to experiment with camera techniques, posing, lighting and styling. Its just shame I used a whiter background instead of a coloured one. Though I am please I managed to find a unique image I took that follows the trend of Colour Surge.