On location Shoot 4 (My House) Evaluation

For my final shoot for part one I decided to do the shoot On location. I have done 5 shoots in the studio and, if counting this shoot, I have only done 4 on location. So I decided to do this shoot to further develop my on-location skills. I decided to use a plain white background so that the clothing really pops out and, if the clothing is not enough, I can always change the white background to another colour in Photoshop. I also plan to use my last two smoke bombs to add a burst of colour with the brightly coloured clothing.

I decided that the clothing would be based on just two primary colours. I brought a blue jumper, red dress and red statement earrings. This went really well with the models strawberry coloured hair. The two smoke bombs were blue and yellow and I thought these colours would go well with the clothing and also with the blue eyeshadow I put on to the model.

At the beginning of the shoot the model was not very happy in front of the camera, but she gradually got into the shoot and started to relax and enjoy it. The images started to turn out a lot better as she does not look so sad and serious. Looking at the smoke bomb images I don’t think any of them worked as either her eyes are closed or watering. You can’t see the models face or the image is slightly blurry. Though I like using smoke bombs, I think I am going to need a lot of practice before I get any amazing images – showing off the model, smoke and being pin sharp. I think I need to find a model who has used smoke bombs before or we work together doing many shoots until we are both pros. Maybe this is a personal project I can look at experimenting with. In this shoot, you can tell I have been trying to experiment with me being lower down, looking up at the subject and I think that some of them did work very well.

Here are some images I don’t think worked well because of the smoke, the model eyes are close or the posing is not right.









Though most of the images don’t follow the trend of colour surge, there are still images that I really like and could have worked well if I was not following a trend for this assignment.


If I was to do this shoot again I don’t think I would used smoke bombs as I think it was a bit of a waste of time and smoke bombs. I don’t think any of them worked and I could of used that time to experiment with other ideas I had. I also had a very limited amount of time to do the shoot because the model had to leave earlier than planned. I would also have liked to have tried another location instead of just keeping the white background; I think I could of used the green bush or a different coloured background, so that the shoot followed the trend more.

Here is my final image from this shoot but not one of my final image for my final series of images for part one of this assignment. I love how you first see the blue of the jumper, then the red of the earrings and hair and finally the blurred out green background. I think it shows a great use of 3 of the primary colours. I think this image works well following the theme of Colour Surge and I am happy it’s my final image going into the series.


For my final shoot for part one and following the Getty images trend Colour Surge, I am very pleased with how the shoot went and how the images have turned out. I have learnt a lot form following this trend and have had a great time shooting all these images. I know I have learnt a lot during each of these shoots and then brought what I learnt into the next shoot. Starting part 2 of this project, I will be following the trend Gritty Women and using all the techniques I have learnt from the last nine shoots to enhance my gritty women photo story which I will be doing on location in an urban setting.