On Location Shoot 3 (Ann’s House) Evaluation

For this shoot I decided to experiment and use children on locations which really took me out of my comfort zone as I have never shot children before and I’m not particularly familiar with on location work. Too many things can go wrong – the weather being just one example. During the shoot I decided to use four children models, all different ages to really get as variety of images. Like in Emma Tunbridge’s work, I wanted the shoot to be playful and that to come out in the images. To then add a burst of colour, I decided to match together colourful clothing like a red dress, blue jumper, red jumper, red scarf, orange tights/trousers and green top. I topped these with smoke bombs in the colours of Blue, Yellow, and Orange to go with the clothing. I decided to get one outfit per child as they would take too long to get changed and would most likely get distracted midway!

Straight away the shoot did not go to plan because it snowed the day before. This meant that the types of poses I had planned, such as them lying on the floor, had to be changed because it would be too wet and cold for them. It was also very cold on the day which meant we did not have as long to shoot because the clothing I brought was not that warm and their parents did not want them to get sick.

I started shooting the oldest child first and slowly began to bring the others into the frame. After I spent some time shooting each child, I then added in the smoke bombs. The smoke bombs where working really well until my assistant brought the smoke bombs in front of the children and their eyes started watering and coughing. By the end of the shoot the models where not happy about the smoke and the youngest one got a little upset. I also realised that using smoke bombs with children limited where the smoke could go as I could not have the children hold the smoke bombs, for safety reasons. My assistant had to hold the bombs and we had to work together to find the best place to put the smoke without my assistant being in the image.

Before starting the shoot, I also realised that I could not pose the children in the same way I would pose adult models. I also needed to make sure the children where entertained throughout the shoot so they do not get bored and walk off halfway.

With any shoot there are always some images that go wrong but, if you learn from the mistakes and experiment further with positioning and camera techniques, in the end you will get some good images. The images that did not work are the ones with smoke bombs in as quite a few of them show one of the models coughing or they have their eyes closed. Here are some images that did not work.



However, there are quite a few images I am very happy with. Considering it was the first time I have ever used children as models Overall, I am very happy with the results. Here are some of my favourite images.

464A2430.jpg 464A2571.jpg

If I was to do this shoot again I would have picked a better weather and, if this shoot did not have a deadline in end of January, I probably would of shot this shoot on location in the height of summer. Another thing I would have changed would be to spend a bit more time shooting each model before bringing them together. The only challenge with spending time with each model separately though is that the others might of got bored and not want to help when it was their turn.

Looking back at this shoot, I had a really good time and it was not as stressfull as I thought it would be. Me and the models all seemed to have fun until about 10 minutes from the end when the children were tired, cold and not really enjoying smoke being in their faces. I think that some of the images follow the Getty images trend of colour surge better than others and, after going through them all, I have found some images I am very proud of and I think work well. However, I don’t think I will be using any of these images as my finals as I don’t think they show colour surge as well as some of the other shoots I have done. Though I will not be using one of these images, I have picked one image that stands out because I like the positioning of the models and camera angles.