On location shoot 2 (Barbican) Evaluation

For my second on-location shoot I decided not to go back to Dartmoor and use the country landscape. Instead I decided to go down to the Barbican and find two locations that I think would work with the theme of colour surge. For the two locations, I decided to use a bright blue fisherman’s door that I think, with the right clothing, could follow the theme well. The second location, was a beach hut door in different colours. For the shoot I decided to use the yellow coloured beach hut. Before even starting the shoot, I did not think the second location world work as well as the first, and I was right. However, it is always good to experiment with different ideas to see which one works best. To go with these two locations I had to decide on the right clothing that would work for both.

For this project I did not rely on the models to bring the clothing, I went and sourced them myself. I found a series of different outfits that I could then mix and match with each other to see which outfit works the best. The clothing I brought was a blue coat, orange top, blue trousers, pink jumper and a blue hat, I also brought some statement earrings for the shoot. However I only learnt on the day that my model does not have her ears pierced! I thought that with the clothing I brought to go with the background I would have a mixture of clashing colours and clothing that faded in with the background.

When doing the shoot, I kept in mind the research I did on the photographer Ash Kingston as I loved the style of his images and I really wanted to try and capture that style but with my own ideas mixed in as well. The day went quite smoothly. There were a couple of problems such as the makeup taking a bit longer than I thought, the walk down to the barbican took longer and they model had to leave a bit earlier to go to lectures. But going through the images I am very happy with them and I think I have experimented well with both locations, clothing, camera angles and posing. However, I do think that I was right that the blue background works better than the yellow, as the yellow background had a white frame, which I think distracts from the theme of colour surge.

At the same time I was doing my shoot, Megan was doing her’s so at the end of our shoots we brought both the modes together to experiment with posing’s of both models. As I have never really worked with two models at once it was a great experience and I learnt a lot form it. Looking at the images with the two models I don’t think they work as well as I would have liked because they were very different and I don’t think Megan’s model was very comfotable in front of a camera which then takes away from the image.

Looking through all the images I would not say these images were lit perfectly as during the day the sun kept going in and out and I was only using a flash and reflector. So there are images that are undressed, but I am hoping that when I take them into Photoshop and lighten them, they will look a lot better. Though I am pleased with most of the poses me and the model worked to create,  there are some I don’t think worked as well. Here are some images I don’t think worked.



There are plenty of images from this shoot that I am happy with and it’s going to be very hard for me to narrow down these images to find my final one. But I think If I take a step back from the shoot for a bit and then come back to it I will have more of a refreshed mind and a new input into the image and I can then form a more objective opinion of which image would work with the Colour Surge trend. Here are some of the images I really like, this could be because I like how the clothing and the background work together as well as how the camera has be positioned.

464A1560.jpg 464A1591.jpg


If I was to do this shoot again I think I might of spent more time at the second location, using a yellow background and even move to another coloured beach hut. I think this would have given me a greater variety of images and colours. Think I would have also tried to get a more experienced model for the second part of the short so that the two models looked more comfortable together.

Overall, I am very happy with how this shoot has gone, and I am very happy with the images and experimentation I have done. Nearly all the images follow the theme of colour surge. I am also very happy with my final chosen images for this project though it took me a long time to pick them. I think these image stand out the most, follows the trend and will make viewers take a second look at the shot.