Midway Through Evaluation

I am now midway through this project of visual trends where I am following the Getty images trend of Colour Surge. So far, I have done five shoots – two on location and three in the studio. Though each shoot has had it challenges, overall I am very happy with how they have turned out. I think with in each shoot I have experimented and used different techniques. I also think that each shoot I have had a completely new idea and have moved forward from each shoot after learning what has gone right and what could be improved. I then have put all I have learnt in to the project so that my next shoot can be better.

My favourite shoot so far has to be the shoot with the blue background. I love how the colour of the clothes and the backdrop go so well together to create some of my favourite images I have ever taken. I also think that it helped that I had a really good model who has had lots of experience. I wonder if the images would have been the same if I did not have her as a model?

I have also started to do research. So far this consists of:

  • Written about during my summer and the images I took
  • Statement of intent
  • Created Mood boards/Mind maps for each shoot
  • Starting to write about the industry of fashion and portrait photography
  • Looked at colour in photography
  • Started to look at the Getty images trends of 2016 and 2017
  • Made a list of photographers to start looking at
  • Researched five photographers who I have looked at for each of my shoots
  • Evaluated each of the five shoots to see how I can improve for the next one

Before this project ends there is still more research to be done such as:

  • Finishing writing about the Getty Images trends
  • Finish writing about the industry of fashion and portrait photography
  • Write up about any workshops we do
  • Write about the London Trip
  • Research more photographer to link to the new shoots I do
  • Evaluate the new shoots
  • Evaluate the whole project

Looking back at the shoots so far there are only little things I would change because I feel like this project is all about experimenting with one of the Getty Image trends, seeing what works and what doesn’t, and learning from those mistakes. The only things I would change is that I should have just thrown myself into the trend instead of gradually doing it. I also should of brought the clothes myself from the start, instead of relying on the model to bring the clothes. I also think I should leave more time at the beginning of my shoots so that I have more time to setup lighting and get the model ready without me panicking that I will run out of time.

Looking at all the images I have taken, I have six final images from the different shoots, but there are two sets of two that are from the same shoot.

I am so pleased with how the project is going so far and looking for more shoots to come. Though I have not started my next idea fully, I think my next shoot will be in the studio using a red background. I have not decided yet if I am going to buy clothing that clashes with the background or fades in with it. I hope that the rest of the project goes as well and I hope I can use my experience from the first five shoots to make the next shoots go even better.