Emma Tunbridge

For my next shoot, I decided to put myself fully outside my comfort zone and experiment with using children on location along with the colour surge theme. I am definitely apprehensive about how this shoot will go, as I have never shot children before and, to be honest, is not a subject that I am partially interested. However, I know I need to experiment with other ideas and age range of models, instead of keep on using only adult models. I decided to look the photographer Emma Tunbridge because she does a lot of on location images with children and would give me an idea of how to pose and position my subjects without them looking too stiff and emotionless. I really like Emma’s work as she brings a lot of playfulness and emotion and it something I want to bring in to my next shoot.

Emma was originally born in Brighton, but has now been living and working in London for the last 10 years. Before starting her own career as a children fashion and advertising photographer, she worked for 5 years as an assistant to many of the top photographers in London. This gave her lots of experience in the industry and really helped her own career. Her work has been published in many editorial magazines such as Family Traveller, Harrods magazine, Babiekins, La Petite Magazine and many more. She has also worked for many popular children brands such as Next, Littlewoods, Mamas and Papas, Mothercare and Childs Farm, to name just a few.

Here are some words that I think describe her imagery:

  • Playful
  • Happy
  • Full of emotions
  • intriguing
  • Unique style to her work
  • Documentary style
  • Unedited look and feel

Looking at her website I love how she manages to capture the emotions and playfulness of the children. I also think that some of her images fall under the theme of colour surge which will help give me with ideas on how to bring colour surge into my children shoot. I also hope that for my shoot I can also capture the playfulness of the children as well as she has. I think looking at the work of Emma was a great Idea as it has given me a more of a direction for this shoot.

Here are some of my favourite images of hers



The two images above are the types of images I want to capture for my shoot, however having the models laying down on the floor does really depend on the weather. I have also decided to use smoke bombs for this shoot to really add a burst of colour to my images. I am definitely going to be using Emma for inspiration on the day and I hope i can get some fun playful images from it.