Studio Shoot 5 (Media Studio Blue background 2)

Colour Surge 

Date and time of shoot 

6th of December 11:25 – 13:25

Location – Plymouth College of Art Media Studio

Team List 

  • Photographer, Producer, Stylist – Laura Stobart
  • Model’s – Gabby Gallie and Luci King
  • Makeup Artist Gabby Gallie
  • Assistant – Sandra A. Doku

For this shoot I have decided to use a blue background again as the images for the shoot before with the blue background worked amazingly well. During this shoot I will have two models, the plan is to start of shooting the first model and then the second and then bring them together for some images as well. For each Model I plan to have two outfits the first outfits each model will have the same outfit but in and different colour and then the second outfit will be the same piece of clothing and colour. The makeup for the shoot I want it to be one bold over exaggerated eye shadow maybe a red, yellow or blue and the makeup will be the same for both models.

Call Sheet 

  • 11:25 – Sandra and I arrive and start putting up the equipment
  • 11:35 – Models arrive and they put of the first outfits and start doing the makeup
  • 11:45 – Show Mood Board to both models and explain the kind of images I am wanting from the day
  • 11:55 – Start Shooting with first model
  • 12:30 – Start shooting with other model
  • 12:45 – Both modes changed out fit
  • 12:50 – Shoot first model again
  • 12:55 – Shoot other model again
  • 13:00 – Shoot both models together
  • 13:20 – Start packing the equipment away
  • 13:25 – Shoot finished


  • Camera – 5D Mark IV
  • 24-105mm Lens
  • Sky port
  • Reflector
  • Two BX Kits
  • Four lighting stands
  • Four soft boxes
  • Beauty dish
  • Snoot
  • Two Umbrella’s

Lighting Setup  

Media Studio Blue background 2lighting-diagram-1515608809.jpg

For this shoot I want to try and different lighting setup form the one I did  with the other blue background to see the different effects both lighting setup bring. However, if this lighting setup does not work I will experiment with other lighting setups, and if these still do not work I have the back up plan of the lighting setup I used for the other shoot. One this I need to be aware of is leave plenty of time for setting up as I remember from the last shoot, shooting against a blue background is very hard to get the perfect lighting.

Mood Board     


I am very interested in how this shoot will go because other than the shoot i did on the barbican when `i had about 5 minutes to shoot with two models at once I have never done it before, so I think it will be a great learning curve and experience using two models. I think by using two models you can get some very creative images, if they go right. However using two models can also be very difficult and lot of concentration and exact positing of models. I will defiantly use the images above as a starting point for when I am doing my shoot, whoever I am shooting one model or two at a time.