Studio Shoot 3 Media studio Blue Background

Colour Surge 

Date and time of shoot 

24th Of November 2:00 – 16:30

Location – Plymouth College of Art Media Studio

Team List 

  • Photographer, Producer – Laura Stobart
  • Model – Caitlin Chan
  • Makeup Artist – Megan Tyler
  • Stylist – Megan Tyler
  • Assistant – Sandra A. Doku

For this shoot I plan to either use a yellow or blue background, which whatever happens to be in the media at the time of the shoot. So for this shoot I plan to find clothing that will go with both a blue and yellow background. The plan for this shoot is to have 3 different outfits two that will clash with either background and one that will fade into the background. For this shoot I plan to do a mixture of full length and portrait images, as after the last couple of shoot I have realised I enjoy taking both full length and portrait images.

Call Sheet

  • 2:00 – Sandra and I arrive to setup the lights, whilst Megan sets up the makeup ready for her model to arrive
  • 2:15 – Brief Megan on the kind of look and makeup I want for this shoot (Show Mood Board)
  • 2:30 – Model shows up, Megan begins makeup I get the first outfit ready
  • 2:50 – The shoot Begins
  • 3:15 – First outfit change
  • 3:40 – Second outfit change, Review images to see if anything needs to be changed or not
  • 3:55 – Final outfit change
  • 16:00 – Decided if you are happy with images and if you want to try one of the outfits on again
  • 16:15 – Start packing away
  • 16:30 – Shoot finishes


  • Camera 5D mark IV
  • 24-105mm Lens
  • Reflector
  • Sky Port
  • Beauty Dish
  • Two Umbrellas
  • Four lighting stands
  • Two BX Kits
  • Four Soft Boxes

Lighting setup

Media studio 2 lighting-diagram-1515594258.jpg

This is the lighting plan I want to try out first. Again, like the shoot before I think lighting a yellow or a blue background will be difficult but if `I leave enough time before the shoot to get the lighting perfect it should go well. I have never tried using this lighting setup before so it will be interesting to see if this setup will work. I am hoping by putting a beauty dish at the front It will light the face and the clothes of the model perfectly, so that they really stand out against the background.

Mood Board


  These Images will be a great starting point for my shoot, with which ever background I end up having. For this shoot I really want to try some obscure and unique angles that I have never tried before. I will also try all four of these poses on my model as I think they will work well. I am also hoping that the clothes I find for this shoot will look obscure enough against either background and that with both the clothes and the background together they really show of the trend of colour surge.