Shoot 2 on location Barbican 

Colour surge 

Date and time of shoot 

4th of December 10 – 13:00

Location – Fisherman’s door and Beach huts at the Barbican

Team List 

  • Photographer, producer, stylist – Laura Stobart
  • Model – Jessie Nelson
  • Makeup artist –  Megan Tyler

For this shoot I want to experiment on location again as I have not shot on location for this project since Dartmoor. I thought the Barbican would be a great place to do the shoot because there are some great places that I think would follow the trend on colour surge, if I found the right clothing to go with it. One of these places is a fisherman’s door that is bright blue and I think if I experiment with different posing and angles I could get some great images. The other place I think would work really well is outside the different coloured beach huts, the beach huts are coloured red, green and yellow. I think that if I shoot in front of the yellow beach hut it would be a real contrast from the blue fisherman’s door. For this shoot I plan to get three outfits that I can then mix and match through- out the shoot.

At the same time I am shooting images Megan will also be doing a shoot with her own model. By doing the shoot at the same time if either of us have a problems we can help each other. Also at the end of the shoot we plan to bring both models together and do some images with two models, which I believe will be very interesting as I have never had to pose two models at the same time before. Megan and I went to scout locations at the Barbican in advance. Here are the locations we liked the look of the most and thought would create the effect we were looking for.

Call Sheet 

  • 10:00 – Meet at my house
  • 10:15 – Makeup
  • 10:30 – Change into first outfit
  • 10:45 – Start walking to the Barbican
  • 11:00 – Start shooting
  • 11:30 – Outfit change
  • 11:45 – Outfit change and review images so far
  • 11:55 – Outfit change
  • 12:15 – Change location
  • 12:25 – Change outfit
  • 12:30 – Change outfit
  • 12:45 – Change outfit
  • 12:55 – bring both model together for some final images
  • 13:00 – Shoot finished


  • Camera – 5D Mark IV
  • Reflector
  • Flash
  • 24-105mm lens

Lighting Setup  

Barbican lighting-diagram-1515603191.jpg

This is my initial idea for the kind of lighting setup I am going to use on the day, however this lighting plan might change depending on the weather and how sunny it is on the day. The plan will be to start off with this lighting plan but as the day goes on as the model moves so will the reflector, flash and camera etc.

Mood Board    

I really like the posing of these images, I will defiantly try these poses and angles for my shoot. The top two I think will work best with the ideas for my shoot as it has the feeling and look I want to create for my images. I think that if I can create the images that I have imagined and planned, I will really capture the curiosity and attention of the people who see my images.