Alessandro Dal Buoni

For my last shoot for part one of this project, I have decided to do the shoot on location. The style I want to use for this shoot is editorial – showing the realness of the images and an unedited look. This is why I have decided to look at the work of Alessandro Dal Buoni because he seems to have an editorial look to his images. I especially like the use of blank space around the models as I think it creates a raw and mysterious look that you don’t always see in photography. I also think that the way in which he leaves the black space means that the viewers can interpret for themselves where they think the models should be placed. Alessandro seems to do a mixture of location and studio shoots. Though I am focusing on the location shoots I also love his studio work and I will definitely be referencing him again and experimenting with his style of photography.

Alessandro Dal Buoni was born in Italy and is a fashion photographer currently based in London. He first started liking photography when he was young when he was first given his mums snap camera and has loved photography ever since. Alessandro carried on loving photography throughout his life and went on to do a MA in photography at the University of Westminster. After finishing the degree, he wrote a letter to Paolo Rovers asking to assist him and he got a reply saying yes. Alessandro says “The photos he takes is the way he sees the world. he enjoyed clarity, purity and always aims for what is essential and avoids what is unnecessary”. When Looking at his work I agree with him because you can see this in all of his images. He has photographed for many magazines such as Amica, L’official Italia, Rolling Stones, i-D and Dazed and Confused and has collaborated with the likes of Dior Homme and Krisvanassche

Looking at his work, I would describe and like them because:

  • crisp
  • perfectly lit
  • clean
  • simplistic
  • use of blanc space in his images
  • Sharp
  • Editoral style
  • Raw
  • Mysterious
  • real
  • Unedited
  • Pure
  • Honest
  • Coherent
  • Urban

Again, I like his use of empty space and is something I am going to try for my on location shoot – but also for my next studio shoot. Here are some of my favourite images of his.

I love the bottom two images. I love how the camera is facing up to the model, with the models face slightly raised looking down at the camera. This makes the model dominant in the images. I also like how there is not much going on in the background so the main focus is on the clothing and models.

I intend to try this style in my next shoot, but also for my part two project where I am going to look at the Getty images theme Gritty Women.

For the second part of the project we have to do a photo story. I have decided to do my photo story on location in an urban environment and I think Alessandro’s work would be a great place to start with how I want to style the shoot.