Zeb Daeman

Zeb is a very up and coming photographer and I thought It would be good to not only look at very famous photographers that everyone is researching but to also look at less well-known photographers who are making their way up in the fashion photography industry. By looking at the work of Zeb I get a more modern, up to date style of work that maybe some of the more famous photographer have not experimented with a lot. I really like Zeb’s work because his Images are so crisp clean and persist with great lighting. The way he poses his models is very different to mine as his posing is more mannequin like while I believe mine has more movement and emotions. However, I like the way he does his posing and on my next shoot I think it will be a good idea to do a mixture of mannequin static like images as well as my normal posing.

Zeb was born in Belgium in 1984, and is currently working as a freelance photographer based in Antwerp and often goes to Paris for work. His work has been featured in many different magazines such as Dazed and has captured work by designers such as Jiseung Lee and Angelo Van Mol. Recently Zeb has been experimenting and doing more commission work in film whether that’s filming himself or directing it.

Zeb has been capturing images and taking videos since his teen years and believes that by experimenting with both mediums and understanding them both fully, they will go perfectly together. His style of photography is often said to be very classy, revealing and sophisticated and he seems to have a great knowledge of the portrait and fashion industry.

What I like about his work:

  • Stylish
  • Modern
  • Unique
  • Mannequin like
  • Classic
  • Invoking
  • Hue colours
  • High end Fashion/Portraits
  • Uses Muted colours

I really like the positioning and angles of the models in these images, especially the ones on the far left and right. It’s the type of posing I want to try for my next shoot.


I think this image follows the trend of Colour Surge as the blue of the background matches the blue of the top and I think as the model is very light skinned it kind of merges with the background. For my next shoot I am going to use a blue background and I have the model in a blue or maybe a red top. I am also going to try a mixture of full length fashion as well as portrait images. By doing this it will give me a variety of different looks and styles. I am definitiely going to be referencing and getting inspiration from Zeb’s work whilst doing the shoot.