What are Visual Trends?

Visual trends are 6 images trends created by the Getty images directors that shows powerful imagery, that they think will shape the year to come. You will see all of these visual trends shown through- out social media such as Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram and advertising as well as any more advertising mediums.  If the trend is successful then the trend will be unstoppable and everyone though out the world will see these trends and want to follow them in some way. The six trends of this year that were found by ostensive research in the year before will defined and drive the visual language of the current year are:

  • Virtuality
  • Colour Surge
  • Unfiltered
  • Gritty Women
  • Global Neighbourhood
  • New Naivety

The idea of these trends are that we are moving away from glossy, classic and controlled art direction, to a more innocent, messy, realistic and spontaneous approach to imagery.