Statement of Intent

I was very excited to have been given the project of visual trends as it is a great project to start my second year with. It also means I get to focus on my favourite subject in photography “Fashion photography” as this is the area I hope to be able to make a career of. For this assignment we have been asked to create a research/ production file which consists of my career aspirations as well as considering the importance in the industry of business opportunities, earning potentials as well as how it links to and develops my current skills set, interests and personal attributes that will help guide my career choices. The second part of this project is looking at the Getty images trends of 2017, which are:

  • Virtuality
  • Colour Surge
  • Unfiltered
  • Gritty Woman
  • Global Neighbourhood
  • New Naivety

The assignment for the second part of the project was to Pick one or more of these trends and produce a minimum of six images taken from six different shoots following and highlighting the trends above.

The third part of this project is reflecting on part two by either picking the same trend or a different one and to create a photo story, moving image piece or an interactive PDF. Then using this work produce a 1000 to 1200 word piece of critical writing exploring any one of the key topics or debates around commercial photographic production. At the end of this project I will decide on my final images for both part two and three and use photoshop to enhance them and to create the exact look I want for each of the images.

For this project as well as completing the task above I also need to:

  • Research in to each of the visual trends and pick which one I want to focus on
  • Research  different photographers
  • Carry out test shoots
  • Create contact sheets
  • Create mood boards/ mind maps for each of the shoots I plan which will help clarify and further expand each of my ideas
  • Plan the shoot i.e.  consider lighting etc
  • Write an after shoot evaluation
  • Mid evaluation
  • Write about workshops that I have attended
  • Write about  our London field trip
  • Write up notes from lessons
  • Write about the work I did during the summer
  • Write about the visual trends
  • Look at magazine images for inspiration for my images

I will then write an evaluation of this assignment and critically evaluate how I think the project went, what went well, what I found challenging and how I could have improved on it.

To also help expand my knowledge and my ideas for this assignment I will also briefly look at photographers, magazines that I think will relate to my theme for this project and help create ideas for the images I need to take. I plan to briefly look at these photographers and then along-

side this go into more depth researching other photographers

photographers I briefly looked at:

  • Guy Bourdin
  • Holly McGlynn
  • Maciek Jasik
  • Slava Semenyuta
  • Alex Sainsbury

Currently I have not finalised which fashion photographers I am going to examine in depth, However as I move forward with this project and I begin to create ideas and look at each of the trends  my thoughts will clarify and I will then be able to decide which photographers  to research.. After starting this project and briefly looking at each of the trends the three threads that stand out to me the most are Colour Surge, Unfiltered and Gritty Women, I hope as I look into each of the trends more one or two of them will ignite my interest and this will be the trend  then pick.

I really hope this project develops me further as a photographer  and that I learn a lot more about myself and my techniques as well as fashion photography in general and what it entails. For this project I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone and really experiment with lots of shoots to really understand this project and the trends.

Guy Bourdin


Holly McGlynn


Maciek Jasik


Slava Semenyuta


Alex Sainsbury