Miles Aldridge

For my next project I am going to be using a red background and have the model initially in all red  clothing and then the second outfit to be a colour that will clash against the red: This could be either yellow or blue.

To get inspiration for the project I decided to look at the work of Miles Aldridge for this shoot because he uses a lot of colour. Even though his images and colours he uses has a darker undertone to it and is not really the style I want to experiment with, the way he styles the colours really work and is something I want to try with my own. Throughout his images you can tell that his two main themes in his work are colour and women. He takes luring images with bursts of colour, with this colour he makes a colourful world in which his image looks too perfect. You then have the model posed in a mannequin like way and a somewhat vacant stare that I think disturbs the audience a little and makes them think there is something not quite right with this perfect world.  The themes of colour and women seem to be very common. The main reason I am looking at his work is because of the different and vibrant colours he uses and though I am not partially keen in the mannequin like way he takes the images, I will experiment with it a little to see if it will work within my shoot.

Miles Aldridge was born in North London, he was never that interested in photography he just happened to move into the industry by chance. This happened when he sent some shots of an girlfriend who was aspiring to be a model to an agency and fashion photography just fell into his lap when he got a call from British Vogue. He then began to hang out at shoots with his sister who was a model and almost immediately started working as a photographer. Miles has shot for numerous magazines such as W, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Italia and shot for many fashion designs such as Paul Smith, Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani. As well as fashion photography, he also started to get involved with advertising and shot for many different brands.

What I like about his images

  • Colour coordination
  • Hard edged reality
  • Flawless appearance
  • Glamour
  • Narrative
  • Dark undertone
  • Different view on fashion/advertising photography
  • Mannequin like
  • Vibrant

Looking at the images below I definitely want to experiment with the types of colours he uses because I think they really follow the theme of Colour Surge. However, for my shoot I don’t think I will be trying too many of his model poses as I don’t think it will work with the types of images I want from this shoot. However I can see myself using some of his ideas and model poses ad linking them to my thinking to create just the look and feel I want to achieve.

I really like the use of vibrant and clashing colours he uses in all the images above but especially the portrait image. I think I am definitely going to experiment with blues and reds for this shoot as I think they w    ill clash well together. I also like the positioning of the model in this image and how she is not looking at the camera and so I think I will some shots in my shoot similar to this but with my own style intertwined as well.