Mario Testino

I decided to look at the work of Mario Testion for my second shoot because I love the way he manages to capture the emotions and energy from everyone he photographers. I also love how he uses a lot of colour in his images whether it’s bold makeup, clothes, background or all three together. I think this gives his images a burst of life.

My second shoot is going to be studio based and I think by looking at the work of Mario. I will learn a lot about how to pose models and how to capture different emotions in my images. As Mario does a lot of studio work, and this is going to be my first studio shoot for this visual trend assignment, so looking at his work and how he lights his models will give me an idea of how to experiment with my lighting in the studio.

Mario Testion is a very famous and a widely regarded portrait and fashion photographer of our time. He has been published in many different magazines such as Vanity Fair and Vogue and worked for many prestigious brands from Gucci to Dolce and Gabbana. He photographs have featured on many magazine front pages and famous models and celebrities from Kate Moss to Brad Pitt have been his subjects. In effect, he has photographed them all.

He was born in Lima in 1954 in a catholic family and they moved from Peru to London in 1976. His first experience in photography was when he was assisting at the studios of Paul Nugent and John Vickers, that’s when he made his first attempt of photography. His first break in the industry was when he was commissioned to take pictures of girls’ haircuts for British Vogue. Mario’s work has been exhibited in many museums around the world and has inspired many young photographers, including me. I think we can learn a lot from how he photographs subjects and how to capture an image with his unique, personal and creative photographic language.

What I like about his work

  • Unique and creative
  • Love the use of light (perfect lighting)
  • Emotions her manages to capture in his images
  • Classic
  • Not afraid to break boundaries
  • Beautify simple
  • Invokes feelings of desire in his images


These 5 images I am going to use as inspiration on how to pose and position my model on the day. I just love the posing and it would be a great place to start before experimenting with my own ideas.


This is one of my favourite images taken by Mario Testion. I think it is starting to follow the Getty image trend of colour surge. I also think his images have a unique style and voice that no other photographer has, which means he stands out from other in the industry. I also like how the model is positioned, looking straight at the camera, which means a strong connection is created.