Kirsty Mitchell

For my first shoot following the trends of colour surge I have decided to use smoke bombs on location in Dartmoor. My plan is to start off using the location around me and either clash the clothes against the background or merge the background colours and clothing together. After using the environment around me, I will then move on to using smoke bombs to really add a burst of colour to my images. When researching photographer who have used smoke bombs in their work I came across the work of Kirsty Mitchell. I really enjoyed looking at her style of photography. I love the fairy tale/Alice in Wonderland theme to her work in a variety of different locations. Then to make her work even more mystical she adds smoke bombs. On my shoot, I really want to experiment with the type of posing she has used and the way she has positioned the smoke bombs. I think by doing this I will have a great idea of how to start shooting with smoke and the best way to use it in different locations.

Kirsty Mitchell was born in 1976 and raised in Kent in the English country side. Growing up she always enjoyed art, then at 25, art became her sole passion when she went to study a course in history of art, photography and fine art at the London College of Fashion. Having finished the course and been working in the industry for some time, she decided to go back into education and returned to university and studied fashion design at Ravensbourne College of Art. Then sadly in 2008 her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour; her world fell apart and photography became her only escape. Sadly, her mother died and photography became her overwhelming passion and she started producing images that reminded her of her mother’s memories. She later started to create images in which everything was designed or created by herself. These images where inspired by her dreams that she wanted to capture to make them seem real. Sadly, Kristy put photography on the backburner and has taken up a new path, but she has enjoyed all the experience she has had with photography.

What I like about her work:

  • Dream like
  • Colourful
  • Textured
  • Fairy Tale
  • Wonderland
  • Mystical
  • Great use of lighting
  • The environment seems to be matching the clothing colours
  • Love the way the smoke bombs surround the models or the smoke bombs colour matches the models clothing
  • I like how the posing of the models
  • Clothing
  • Overexerted bold makeup



This is my favourite images out of the images I picked because I love the mystical felling the image has and how the blue smoke bomb matches the dress, makeup and flowers. Then her cloak  matches the colour of the model’s hair. It is then brought all together by the greens of the background. I think this image is starting to follow the trend of colour surge, so I believe if I use a brightly coloured smoke bomb and either have the clothes matching the background or the colour of the smoke, my images could then be very eye capturing and scream colour surge.

As well as looking at photographer’s images who have used smoke bombs, I also need to watch some videos so I have some idea of how to use them and the best way to get the same style of smoke as Kirsty has used. By also looking at other photographer’s smoke bomb videos I will learn more ideas of how to pose and position models to get the best out of smoke bombs. Here are some of the videos I have found, and found useful: