During the summer

At the beginning of the summer we where given the project of visual trends, For this project we had  to look into the current trends in the different areas of commercial photography. As well as the visual trends throughout the project we need to consider your career aspirations and the professional context you would like to work in. as well as considering important factors such as business opportunities and earnings potentials in these industry and how your current skills, interests and personal attributes may guide your career choices.

Looking at the visual trends of 2017 they seem very interesting and seem to build on from last years trends the trends of this year are:

  • Virtuality
  • Colour surge
  • Unfiltered
  • Gritty Women
  • Global Neighbourhood
  • New Naivety

Out of these trends the trends that get my attention are colour surge and unfiltered. Colour surge because I love the burst of colour and the mix of different colours that look so obscure that it draws your attention to the Image whilst also making the model fade into the image. Colour surge is explained by showing how image maker liberate themselves from conventional palette. These unusual colour combinations immediately ignite interest and entice consumers. Whether they are overwhelmingly beautiful or exquisitely ugly, The powerful manipulation of colour stops us in out tracks.


Whilst unfiltered intrigues me because these images show you the rawness of the images and the truth as there is no photoshop on the images they also tend to show blood and mud showing the truth and not the filtered image. Unfiltered is explained  sayings a bold, documentary style imagery is quickly gaining ground. The unfiltered trend opens up dyne mic, honest to the extreme methods of storytelling which cut through the noise, and make consumers sit up and take notice. Fearless and passionate, brands who dear to be different and embrace something different.

C2fdtNkWgAEI24b.jpg Unfiltered-495287915.jpg

Out of these two trends I have decided to put my main focus into colour surge as I think that would be a very interesting topic to look into as well as shooting a verity of different colourful images.

However during the summer I did not really focus on a trend. I wanted to to focus on fashion photography and experiment using a model in different environments but not show their face so that if these image where to be shown in a magazine the viewer could look at the images and seem themselves in the clothes as they cannot see the models face.

During the summer I did three shoots one whilst I was on holiday in Italy where I used a verity of different locations showing off the outfit with out showing the face. I did not realises how hard it would be to not show the face as you need to have the perfect angle and a perfect location. the images I think worked the best with the clothing and location are the images below




Out if these three images this one is my favourite image Because I like how you can see the the skirt and the bracelets on the arm and then the black shoes.Your eye is first drawn to the to the top of the models skirt and your eyes follow down to the shoes which are then m over away from the model as it follows the white line to the foreground of the images and then back to the model. Though I do think some of these images are very pleasing to the eye and i think it does work with my concept of not showing the models face. It does not work with the trend of colour surge.

Here are the original contact sheets from the shoot, in my folder you will find the annotated contact sheets which says which images I think work and don’t work


When I came back from Italy I started to think about my next shoot, I had no idea what I was going to do so I began to look at Pinterest and Instagram to get inspiration after some time of looking through these social media sites I came across an image taken by Holly McGlynn


I thought by doing a series of images like this not only can i experiment with my idea of not showing the model face but also try and use contrasting colours against the green of the grass to create some interesting colour surge images. However during the shoot I focused on the not showing the models face more than i did the styling of the shoot and what clothes would either contrast with the bass or blend in with it. One thing I did realise after taking the images they all look a bit morbid which I think is a result of the posing i asked the model to do as well as not showing the face and the grass also looks very patchy and untamed.

Here are some of my favourite images from the shoot




This is my favourite images from the shoot because I think it is starting to follow the trend of colour surge with the green background. However the outfit I have styled the model in would either need to be a brighter blue or a bolder brighter colour to really follow the trend and stand out. Overall I really like the positioning of the model’s legs and how you cannot see who is wearing the shoes. Which means if this images was in a magazine advertising shoes you could relate to the image and think it could be you wearing these shoes.

Here are the original contact sheets from the shoot, again you will find annotated ones in my folder.


The last shoot I did was in the bed room the shoot did not go well at all and did not follow the visual trend of colour surge. For this shoot I wanted the images to be in low light and the focus to be on just the clothing I used fairy lights in different place in the bedroom such as on the background and by the shoes to experiment with the different ideas i had. For this test shoot I did not spend enough time planning my idea before shooting the images which I think makes the images looked rushed and unpleasant and not pleasing to the eye. I am very unhappy with how this shoot went, but I am glad I have experimented with this ideas and that I now know this idea does not work. Another thing that did not work with this shoot and I should of put some more thought into before shooting the project is the shoes as they are dirty and tattered and would not be something you would see in a magazine, Because the main focus of this shoot seems to be the shoes what I should of done was brought some new shoes for the model to ware.

Here are three images from the shoot



Out of all the images I took for this shoot this is may favourite image because I love the use of depth of field. I like how you are first drawn to the shoes, then the jeans, then because of the way the leg is positioned, it then draws you to the background where the lights are just out of focus. However this shoot does not go with the trend of colour surge and when I get back to uni I need to start thinking about how to really capture the trend of Colour Surge.

Here are the original contact sheets from the shoot, again you will find annotated ones in my folder.


At the end of the summer I am glad that I have experimented with different ideas and techniques and have started to look at the different trends I could be looking at for this project. However I do wish I spent more time think of the trend “colour surge” and how I could put that into my images. Now going back to uni I know that I have to focus on colour surge and give up on not trying to show the models face and focused on the the styling, posing and camera techniques I will be using for my project of looking at colour surge. I am looking forward to going back to uni and trying my new ideas I have for this project, at the moment I plan to do three of my images in the studio and three of my images on location. However as this project progresses this could change.