Colour in Fashion Photography

Colour is a very important aspect not only to fashion but to photography too. If a photographer does not have an understanding of colour and how it works in their images then the whole image can fall apart, as it might not have the full impact they were hoping for. This can be very annoying as if the colours do not work with the image it will not captivate the audience emotionally. Colour is very significant not only in fashion photography, but in any photography as colour can help us tell a story visually, as well as helping to communicate the emotions of the image. Colour is one of the factors that can help make your image look and feel exciting, lively, mysterious or even sad as depending on the colour you may use they all help depict different emotions. You can have a plain simple wall and put a model in interesting and colourful clothing in front of the wall and make the image come alive and  be vibrant and exciting, all because of colour. Some photographers who I think used colour creatively and well in their images are:

  • Horst P. Horst
  • Guy Bourdin
  • Sebastian Kim
  • Alice Hawkins
  • Georges Antoni

The above are only a few of the photographers who I think have used colour creatively and there are many more Some colour fashion images that really stand out to me because they are so vibrant and captivating are:


Using colour is also very important to the Getty images trends as one of the trends of this year is Colour Surge. For this project of visual trends this is the trend that ignites my interest the most and I think it is the trend I am going to focus on and explore for this project.