Studio Shoot 4 (Commercial Room Red background)

Colour surge 

Date and time of shoot 

5th of December 19:00 – 21:00

Location – Plymouth College of Art The commercial Room

Team list 

Photographer, Producer, stylist – Laura Stobart

Model – Klaudia Smolarek

Makeup Artist – Megan Tyler

Assistant – Sandra A. Doku

For this shoot I plan to use a red background as for this project I am yet to try this colour background. I also plan that the main focus of this project is for the clothing to merge with the background, so I plan to get an all red outfit. But I will get a backup of a clashing outfit just in case the all red does not work. I am hoping this shoot will be really interesting and different to other shoots I have completed as I will have a model and a colour I have never used before. I am hoping this shoot will really stand out and be creatively different from the others. My plan for this shoot is to mostly focus on portraits to see if that would be something I would be interested in taking further. However I will also be doing full length shots to show off the full outfit.

During my shoot Megan will also be doing a shoot using the other colour roll in the room, so that if anything goes wrong with one another shoots we can assist each other. However we will be using different models and we have completely different ideas for our shoots too.

Call Sheet 

  • 19:00 – Model arrives, Megan starts doing the makeup. Sandra and I start putting the lights up
  • 19:15 – Show model mood board so she has an idea of images I want
  • 19:25 – Model gets changed into first outfit
  • 19:30 – I start shooting
  • 20:15 – Model changes outfit, I review the images so far and change anything with lighting etc that needs to be changed.
  • 20:20 – Start Shooting again
  • 20:45 – Review images again to make sure happy with all the images and there is nothing I want to change
  • 20:55 – Start packing up
  • 21:00 Shoot finishes


  • Camera
  • Sky Port
  • 24-105mm lens
  • Reflector
  • Beauty dish
  • Two umbrellas
  • Four lighting stands
  • Four soft Boxes
  • Two BX Kits

Lighting Setup  

Commercial Room Red background lighting-diagram-1515605980.jpg

Though this lighting setup is very generic I think it will be a great lighting setup to start with because I think lighting a red background may be very hard so starting with a lighting setup I know can work with difficult to light backgrounds, I think will be a good choice. However as the shoot progresses I plan to experiment with the lighting to see what works best for a red background.

Mood Board       

I really hope that the combination of good lighting, outfit choices, coloured background and posing will mean this shoot will be very different to the other shoots I have completed and be something interesting and peculiar to look at.  I find the posing and use of red on red in the above images creates a different point of interest for the audience and I think they will provide a great starting point for posing and inspiration for the type of clothing I could buy for this project