Studio Shoot 2 (Media Studio Yellow Background)

Colour Surge 

Date and time of Shoot 

26th of October 16:30 – 18:30

Location – Plymouth College of Art Media studio

Team List

  • Photographer, producer, stylist – Laura Stobart
  • Model – Ella Light
  • Makeup Artist- – Ella Light

The plan for this shoot is that I will use a yellow background, for this shoot the main focus will be on the background and making the clothes clash or fade into the background. My main Ideas is to get the clothing to clash and for the clothing to be mix and match, for example I might have leopard printed trousers and a multi coloured top. However, if this does not work I will also have some clothing at that are the same colour but will still clash with the background.

Call Sheet

  • 16:30 – Model arrives and does her makeup and gets changed into first outfit, At the same time I will be setting up the lighting ready to shoot when the model is ready.
  • 17:15 – I start shooting
  • 17:35 – Model changes outfits
  • 17:45 – Model gets changed again whilst I review the images so far
  • 18:00 – Model gets changed again
  • 18:15 – Model changed for the last time and I look at the images again
  • 18:25 – Start packing everything away
  • 18:30 – Shoot finishes


  • Camera 5D Mark IV
  • 24 to 105 mm lense
  • Sky Port
  • Reflector
  • Four lighting stands
  • Two BX Kits
  • Four soft Boxes
  • One beauty dish
  • Two Umbrellas

Lighting setup 

Media Studio 1 lighting-diagram-1515591871.jpg

For this shoot I am going to start off having my lighting look like this, but if this lighting setup does not light the background and model correctly at any point during the shoot I will change it. I need to make sure I leave plenty of time at the beginning of this shoot to light the yellow background correctly as I think lighting this background will take some time and be achieved through trial and error. I hope these Images will scream colour surge and really catch the audience’s attention.

Mood Board

  I really like the posing and look to these images and I think all these images show colour surge. I hope I can experiment with the lighting, posing and clothing to try and find the right look for my images that show off colour surge as well as these images do. I may also use shadow and will defiantly use these four images for inspiration to start my shoot off and hopefully inspire me to create some interesting colour surge images.