Shoot 4 on location (My house)

Colour surge 

Date and time of shoot

29th December 11:00 – 13:00

Location – My house

Team list

  •  Photographer, producer, stylist – Laura Stobart
  • Model – Molly Stobart
  • Makeup Artist – Molly Stobart

For this shoot I want to do the shoot in front of my garage, which is a white background. If the background is not colourful enough with what the model is wearing I can then edit the colour of the garage to make it more fitting with colour surge. The plan is to put the model in two different bold colours maybe blue and red, this will mean they will clash against each other, I will then have the makeup for example the eye shadow one solid bright colour. Maybe blue or red to go with one of the pieces of clothing the model is wearing. As well as just relaying on the background and clothing to make it colour surge, I plan to use a blue and yellow Smoke bombs to really give the images a burst of colour.

Call Sheet 

11:00 – Model starts putting makeup on and changes into outfit

  • 11:25 – I start shooting
  • 11:45 – start using smoke bombs
  • 12:00 – Stop using smoke bombs
  • 12:15 – Review images, see if anything needs to be changed with how I am shooting
  • 12: 25 – Carry on shooting
  • 12:45 – Look back through images make sure there is nothing else you want to try  or retry
  • 12: 50 – Carry on shooting
  • 13:00 – Shoot finishes


  • Camera – Cannon 5d Mark IV
  • 24-105mm lens
  • 85mm Lens
  • Reflector
  • Flash

Lighting setup  

Shoot 4 on location My house lighting-diagram-1515618119.jpg

This will be the initial lighting plan I will start off using when starting the shoot. However depending on where the light is that day and what the weather is like, this could change. The reflector will also move as the model changes positions and poses.

Image ideas 

My main idea for this shoot is trying out my new 85mm lens by doing obscure angles with the theme of colour surge. I will also be trying these obscure angles whilst the smoke bombs are going off to really show off the theme in a way that might not have been shown in the Getty images so far. One image I want to try and take and experiment with is showing half the garage then the model showing off the bright clothing then other half is green foliage I am thinking this would really show off the theme of colour surge.

 Mood Board     

Though these images do not really show the kind of location I will be taking my images on, I do like the positioning, angles and posing of the models and it’s defiantly something I want to experiment with for this shoot. I like how on the first two images the camera is angled up at the model meaning the model is having to look down but the way that the model has been positioned makes the images look very imaginative and quirky, different than other images I have seen and researched.