On Location shoot 3 Ann’s House 

Colour Surge 

Date and time of shoot

27th of December 13:00 – 15:30

Location – Ann’s House

Team List 

  • Photographer, producer, stylist – Laura Stobart
  • Models – Oscar, Lilla, Sophie, Poppy
  • Makeup artist – No makeup artist needed
  • Assistant – Molly Stobart

for this shoot I have decided to use children who are the ages of 5,7,10 and 1. I have never done a shoot with children before, so this will be not only a great challenge but experience as well. The challenge will be that the children will not stay still and move/pose how a model would, so I will need to do a lot of research and mood boards to get an realistic idea of how the images will look. I plan to dress each of the children in bold brightly coloured outfits to really stand out against the greens of the background. I am also planning on using smoke bombs in the colours of blue, orange and yellow. Using smoke bombs will also be a challenge as I don’t know how the children will react to the smoke and how to get some great images from each smoke bomb that only last a minute.

Call sheet 

  • 13:00 – Show outfits to children/Parents to make sure they are happy with the outfits I have brought
  • 13:10 – Children get changed into outfits
  • 13:30 – I start shoot. Start with only two models
  • 13:45 – Changed to other two models
  • 13:55 – Do all models at once
  • 14:10 – Lighting smoke bombs
  • 14:25 – Change location and light next smoke bombs (do some images with all models some with only one or two models)
  • 14:45 – Change location again and light more smoke bombs
  • 15:00 – Do some images without any smoke bombs
  • 15:30 Shoot finishes


  • Camera
  • Reflector
  • Flash
  • 24-105mm Lens

Lighting diagram 

Location shoot 3 Ann’s House lighting-diagram-1515611291.jpg


Shooting with children in general I think would be hard but shooting with five and most of the time all at once I think will be challenging. So I will start off with this lighting setup depending on what the weather is like and where the sun is. However, I think this setup will change quite quickly as the reflector will need to follow the children and smoke so I can get the perfect Images. I think it is always good to have a starting point and some idea on where you might start even if you don’t follow it on the day due to conditions..

Mood Board     

I know this shoot will be very weather dependent and if it is cold I need to make sure the children are wrapped up warm, so that they don’t get ill. I defiantly want to try the positioning and angles of the shots above, but it depends on how happy the children are with doing this shoot and how they position themselves. One thing I think I need to remember is that I will not be able to pose them like I would do an adult model. So my thinking is going into this shoot is let them do their thing and I will capture their emotions and movements as the smoke comes around them or even just how they react with each other using interesting and creative angles to make the images different to your every day children’s photography.